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Archive Gmail to your Hard Disk

99% full
Using 7505 MB of your 7617 MB

Gmail‘s motto, “Never Delete Another Message Anymore” just went down into drains, for most of the heavy mail users. Just like everyone else, we believed this, and now, no response from them.

Quite many of them have got “Almost full” mail from Gmail, asking them to delete some old mails. How can we, when we want all of them, coz they will come in need one day or another. And recently with each every technology getting hacked, all are even scared that two more their mail box maybe hacked, and they will loose their precious mails.

So what to do now is the question of the hour.
I did some small research to help myself, and same time to help you guys. Some few steps that you can use, to have your mails secured.

Delete Unwanted Mails
Save Mails in Hard disk

Option One: Delete Unwanted Mails
Delete all mails from SPAM folder. Though it gets deleted every 30 days after you get a mail, still you might get some emergency space for new mails.
Go to Search Mail on the top of your mail box
Click on Show Search Options, fill the desired request, mails with attachments, and start deleting those mails.
Mails you dont want in your inbox usually, send them to Archive folder, select the mail, click on Archive,


The mails will be stored under “All Mail” label, if a new mail comes in the same conversation, it will be re-visible in the inbox.

Option Two: Save Mails in your Hard disk (in your system)
There are many techniques available in the market to get all your mails to your system, let me tell you the best and easy one, for first and then all others.
You will need, a little time to spend on Gmail settings configuration, which is very easy, and Microsoft Outlook on your system.
Google is sweet enough to guide you with this,
Go to Gmail Settings
Enable POP Download. (What is POP?)
Now you can just see the configuration instructions here explained by Google itself.
You can even do this with Thunderbird, Windows Mail and Apple Mail, and now the new feature, to your iPhone to.

Now the other technique is with a third party software, which will help you download mails to your system directly, and you can view them using, Microsoft Outlook and other related mail viewing apps.

The paid and adequate one’s, and Free (Home-Use) Utility Utility Utility Backup Subscription

Not so adequate, but works just fine. utility, no longer supported, marks all messages as read (bug) utility, treats labels as folders utility, does not support restore service, downloads as zip file, does not support restore backup free(2G)/subscription, does not support restore backup subscription, no label support, does not support restore

These apps, have self explanatory of how to use them, so you can just use them right away.

I guess these tips will help you the most. If you need any more guidance, or you got any issues, feel free to drop it in the comment box, which will be replied asap. Got any suggestions, feel free to contact me. 🙂

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