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Athirapally, Cochin, Kerala

A place called Athirapally, in Kerala.
A nice and wonderful experience
It is a place of waterfalls,
Running, from a height of 80 feet.

It is located in the forest area,
Combined with the greenery
It retains freshness into any tired soul,
The falls join Chalakkudy River ..


Had been to this place on a sunny day,
Though it was so hot n made us tired,
We had to walk down a long way,
To reach the water falls.

We were a group of friends walking,
Few strangers suggested us, not to walk
Any further as there was nothing so good
But we never gave up n started further.

It was a sort of trekking for us all,
There were different paths to move down,
We friends departed into two groups
And started forward with a lot of enthuse…

The path was not so good to proceed,
But we stepped further carefully,
Talking, laughing and screaming all the way,
Playing as though we were small children

Taking care of oneself as well as others
To mind our steps every now and then
We reached the spot, the very clear view,
And the real sense of the water falls…

The water droplets touched us along with the breeze…
The gentle sprinkling of the vapors made us forget the strain…
Enjoyed every moment of the trip to the full…

We took snaps posing like celebrities,
Jumping on the rocks like small kids
Playing with friends as though we could never
Jumped screamed and enjoyed at most…

We climbed back the rocky hill
Returned home very tired, BUT
We still have the memories of the trip FRESH…

Kochi Friends

Whichever place we visit, it is the group of people around us who makes the place more, special and memorable. Thanks to all my friends who indeed added a sweet memory to my life.
Friends Visited to the place were, Kelvin Castelino, Mithun Das, Shenbagga Deepan, Guru Prasad, Dinesh Singh, Subhajit Naha, Karthik Krishna, Amit Patil, Yuvraj Patil, Priyanka Phadnis, and of course the Author (Sireesha Pabbathi).

On the Rocks

About Author: Sireesha Pabbathi
Software Developer, Content Writer, Poet, and budding IT professional and a recent Blogger. Down to Earth person, with a kind-heart to all things around her. Always ready to help everyone and good at expressing her feelings through poetry, and one of my best friend.

2 replies on “Athirapally, Cochin, Kerala”

@ Hansen :Thank you so much Hansen.
do visit the place.if poss in the month of September, the falls will be in full force:)
You’ll surely enjoy the place:)

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