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Back with a Bang

Its been quite a long time not hearing from me on my blog! I guess its about 20+ days for now, that I couldnt get myself sit sometime for free to write some posts on my blog!
Currently lot of things were going on in my life!
I had been for a UI training to Chennai for two weeks, then a weekend in Mangalore, attended the SFC Conference 2011, “A Glimpse of Heaven“, then back to work.
Lot of moments took place, memorable, life long cherish-able moments, that I am waiting to share with all soon.
Now once I have started writing, will not stop hopefully again!
Also got some new plans and posts for the blog in my mind, also currently working behind designing some websites and so, but I wont let me readers down without any posts 🙂
Chao till then. Keep reading. 🙂
God Bless 🙂

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