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Best of Mangalore

Are you a Mangalorean? Have you lived in Mangalore for more than 10-15yrs? If yes for both, then if I ask you the best of the roads, parks, cafe’s, hotel’s, snack counters in Mangalore would you be able to tell me? A real thought provoking stuff right? Never thought someone would ask you this someday.

Yes recently we have had the the 3 hungry men do reviewing the food places in Mangalore, Manipal, Udupi and also even in Bangalore and Doha. But what about otherwise?

Red FM 93.5 the Mangalore division Radio Station of Sun Network, had recently started a poll and survey under the name ‘Red Chappu‘ to find the best of the best roads, parks, juice corners, place for Goli Baje (Mangalorean Snack), Fish Fry, Neer Dosa (another Mangalorean Delicacy), Ice Creams and Beach.

After a period of 3 days voting by the listeners of the Radio, they have come out with the besties of Mangalore, and they are..

Photo Credit: Premshree
Photo Credit: Premshree

Best Park

Photo Credit: infanticida
Photo Credit: infanticida

Gandhi Park, Mannagudda bags the first prize, followed by Tagore Park and Kadri Park as 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Best Road

Photo Credit : enchant_me
Photo Credit : enchant_me

Ladyhill to Mannagudda, MG Road and KPT to Padavinangady are the winning roads.

Best Place for Goli Baje

Photo Credit: GoDakshin
Photo Credit: GoDakshin

Indra Bhavan Restaurant, Hotel Usha Kiran and Vandana Pai’s Canteen in Karangalpady are the places now in list you wouldnt want to miss trying out.

Best Place for Juice
Juice Junction of Balmatta, Dinky Dine and Khatta Meetha of Saibeen Complex is where you get the slurping fresh fruit juices and milk shakes.

Best Place for Fish Fry
Giri Manja’s, Car Street, Sri Devi Canteen and Narayan’s, Bunder are the places people of Mangalore vouch for.

Best Place for Neer Dosa
Guthu restaurant, Falnir, Janatha Deluxe and ‘Kudla’ restaurant.

Best Place for Ice Creams
Pabbas, Lalbagh, Icy Creamz, Bendorewell, and Naturals, Kadri.

Best Beach

Photo Credit: Rajive
Photo Credit: Rajive

Panambur beach, Someshwara beach and Tannirbhavi beach.

So next time you are in Mangalore, you know where to explore, where to hang-out, where to stop for a snack and enjoy your time in Mangalore.


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