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Best Times with Cartoon

How many of us remember watching Tailspin, Duck tales and Mickey Mouse during our childhood times. The adventures, the quarrels of Donald, the flirting of Mickey with Minnie, and of course what about Jungle, Mowgli, Baloo and Bagira. Don’t they still exist in our minds.

“Jungle Jungle Pata Chala hai” remember the tune?

I remember those days, while I used to rush home after school to watch these cartoons and Sunday was specially for Cartoon Time. He-Man, GI Joe, Ninja Turtles for some action one’s. Soon replaced by Captain Planet, Power Rangers, Spider man, Superman and goes on.

Not to forget the ultimate all time favourite Tom and Jerry 🙂

Just hearing these names don’t they take you back to your childhood days?

Do you know the worse part now, recently some of my small chintu cousins where watching some cartoons, thought will join them to have some good time, and to my high expectations, I ended up seeing Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Bob the Builder, Sponge Bob. They were a week with me, and these cartoons became a torture to me. But this just didn’t end for those episodes, as soon as their favourite shows were done, Pokemon and all the creatures came into life in my house. My cousin jumping from one chair, another from a table, another climbing the showcase, while another comes out from somewhere, shouts something and throws a thing, and these small monsters start running and act as if hurt and then die.

It was a real nightmare for me, but my mind was only filled with this thought, what happened to the sweet cartoons I used to watch?
I searched all the channels and even googled, where were the lost cartoons that I had watched, and too my dismay I never found them.
Where did the Charlie Chaplin go, the Goofy, the Flintstones?

That time there was one channel, with sweet, funny cartoon, who would help us relax our mind, have a laugh and then carry on with our work, but today’s cartoons have started teaching only one thing, fight or kill for our survival. The monsters coming to attack you, the press of a button on the watch, and boom and you become powerful and you start growing stronger, and then a grand fight, and thus you win the war. Wasn’t Popeye better then that, at least lot of kids started eating Spinach after seeing those shows.

The thought I had is still remained unanswered. Is the cartoon we watch or our next generation watch, is it educational or just for laugh, or the rise of war and violence?

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