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Castle (TV Series)

I know, I am pretty jobless, after a very hard day at work, and being far away from home, in another state and city, doesnt give me any different options that stick in front of my laptop for the whole night, until I fall asleep after mid-night. You can either catch me on my laptop, hooked onto to Facebook and Gmail, or doing some website stuff, or just watching different TV series.

This time, let me share with you the quite recent one, which I really loved, and for sure you will also, if you like Murder’s, with some humor and drama.

‘Castle’, an American TV series, starring Richard Castle- Author and Detective Kate Beckett, together with their team solve mysterious murders around new York.


Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) a.k.a. Rick is the author in the series, whose role in the NYPD starts when a murder is committed, just like the one he writes about fictionally in his book. The entry to the case, leads him to get in touch with the Mayor, asking him to give permission to research and help Detective Kate in solving murders, and at the same time, for him to get inspiration in writing new books. Any murder or crime going to happen, Rick always has a way of expressing himself of why it happen. More often he thinks, as a author how he would have portrayed, and to his best, it does work out a lot of time in solving a lot of crimes. He starts liking Kate, but is too shy and afraid to let her know it. He has a daughter and mom who stay with him and also sometimes play a vital role in helping him solve cases.

Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), a homicide detective at NYPD, is a top class investigator, who has a different style of solving murders. She prefers being independent always, but no matter how much she tries to get Rick not interfering her life, she just cant stop him, and also that she does like him around. She believes in getting all the facts in hand, and then doing some action, while Rick pushes her around, not to wait for all, but go for some action, coz he too gets to be a part of it. She joins the force after her mother dies, and the throughout the whole series, her major aim of finding the killer, still remains a quest, though she gets some major break through, somehow at the end, she will be back to square one, clueless of why it all happened.

Detective Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) are the part of Beckett’s team. They both are in the homicide division who are always found together solving cases, arresting suspects, interrogating them or just hanging around. Though they always keep arguing on obscure facts, they are good friends, who also keeping making fun of Beckett, treating her like a guy, but do care for her very much. Also they always like Rick’s point of view for every case, and always love to get some freebies from him.

Captain Roy Montgomery, (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), Beckett’s Boss, and Captain of 12th Division of NYPD. The person who encouraged Beckett in joining the homicide division, alwas loves her determination and way of working, and always keeps a close watch on investigations so that they go on smoothly. Also a good friend of all, when its not the case time. He gets killed while staging a trap for the hired killer of Beckett’s mom in the end of season 3, when it comes to know, he was a rookie and involved in Beckett’s mom’s murder indirectly. He is replaced with Captain Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald), in season 4.

Alexis Castle (Molly C. Quinn) daughter or Castle and Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan) mother of castle play vital roles in helping castle get his mind enlightened about how to solve a murder. Alexis is an unusual intelligent kid for her age, who is a gem, and you can always find Rick, persuading her, to take some break from studies and go hangout with friends. She is a dear darling of Rick, and Rick is always worried about her, since she is a teenager, and Rick always asks Kate for her help and guidance. Martha on the other hand is a drama queen, in the sense she has played lot of roles in small plays, and is always in quest in acting for something big. Always into a new relationship every 2 episodes, but always there to care and love Rick and Alexis.

Castle Cast

The whole series keeps you engrossed in the different way the cases turn out. The crimes are pretty much th same, but the way they break their heads to solve them, and Rick’s controversial+ humorous + vague imagination and explanation of the crime keeps you laughing but at same time, it does help them murder too. The script is well framed, that every serious delivery of dialog by someone, will have a contradictory humorous dialog from Rick.
The series is already running with the 4th season, so if you have not yet started watching, your pretty much more jobless than me, or pretty much engrossed in just reading this but not even thinking about why not let me try.

And hey before I conclude, I forgot to mention about Richard Castle has an author does have written books that he flaunts in the series. Naked Heat, Heat Wave and Heat Rises which are related to the series, and Detective Kate as Niki Heat (which Kate so much hates). So if your reader of crime mystery stuff, these books do take their place in your shelves.

I just love this series, and I am pretty sure you will like it too.

Castle TV Show

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