Bang the doors of Heaven for a Nation led by God

When all things fall apart, most of them turn to God, but here’s something different. A group of Professionals from Bangalore and Pune get together to start a campaign to Pray for their country, their leaders and the citizens during the upcoming Elections.

The Power of Prayer is what they believe in, and what brought them closer, with an innovative idea to launch a website ‘‘ which randomly assigns willing visitors, the name of a Lok Sabha constituency to pray for, during the 2014 General Elections in India.
Lets PrayForIndia
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Music – Makes you & Breaks you!

What happens when we listen to Romantic Music?
We end up in a romantic mood
What happens when we listen to Dance Numbers?
We start tapping our feet, clapping our hands, and slowly moving our bodies to its groove
What happens when we hear Sad, Emotional Track?
We end up being a part of the Singer’s sorrow
A happy jumpy number
Makes us happy
The Crashing of the Rock Metal
Ends us up in Head Banging

So what will happen if we listen to Anti-Christ Music?
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