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Cauliflower Fried Curry

To all the first time readers of my blog, this title and recipe would sound strange, but for the others, are quite ready to listen to what new thing I was upto!

Yesterday since everyone by now knows it was my mom’s b’day and me away far from her, didnt know how better to celebrate, than invent a new recipe and make it for her!

This recipe is dedicate to my mom Cecelia Jane Castelino

I was not so keen to put this on blog, but my room mate insisted that I do coz he loved it, along with others 🙂

Getting back to the title, yes the title is saying the very exact thing of what you going to make.

I also checked before I posted this recipe if any living or dead soul had done it before, and I couldnt find any, if you do please let me know 🙂

So here’s how it goes,

Cauliflower (of course you need it)
Two medium or One large Onion Chopped
Three Tomatoes chopped
3-4 Green Chillies
Bunch of Coriander Leaves
Turmeric Powder (1 Tsp)
Ginger-Garlic Paste (1 Tsp)
Cumin Seeds (optional 1 Tsp)
Corriander Powder, Chicken Masala Powder (its Pure Veg if you didnt know), Sambar Powder, Chilly Powder, Mixed Spices Powder (if you get it).
Salt and Oil

How to Make
Clean and chop the Cauliflower well with water. Soak it for a 2 mins so the dirt goes off, dry it.
Heat the Oil in a Deep Frying Pan, and fry the pieces of Cauliflower in batches until they become crispy or sometimes they wont, until they turn Golden Brown.
Take another non-stick vessel, heat the oil with cumin seeds in it, wait till they burst out.
Fry the Onion till Golden brown, add Tomatoes and Chillies and mix well.
Add the Paste and Powders and mix well.
Add water enough to make the curry for you, and let it boil.
As soon as it boils add the cauliflower, and boil for about 2 minutes.
Add salt to taste.
turn of the flame, and garnish the curry with chopped coriander leaves.
Serve Hot with Rice. Just Yummy 🙂

Additional Tips
You could also add chopped Carrot or Potato to make it more delicious.

All the recipes I post are tried out by me, and also tasted and approved by six other in my room, so feel free to try them on, if something goes wrong, I am not to be blamed, its just that you dont know to read or to cook.
But if you have some tips or suggestions for me, feel free to express it as Comments or through Contact Page.

Have fun exploring the Kitchen.

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