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Chennai Express

Yes Yes! I did watch Chennai Express and I couldn’t stop myself without sharing this experience, and amazing one! TO be brief for Short readers, it had action like Wolverine, scary scenes not even found in The Conjuring, comedy and humor like Despicable Me, songs definitely dance numbers our usual Tamil types. All-in-all a real entertainment, where I did feel like killing myself in between the movie, but surely I didn’t end up coming out of the theater singing, Chennai..aiyayiyaiyayiyaiayaiyai..Chennai Express 😛

Chennai Express

It all happened that I was supposed to go for Wolverine, but I don’t know the main reason for the change of plans, but somehow I ended up sitting in front of the screen where I did know I am supposed to be happy or supposed to laugh to cry, or to kill the people around. Since after all the reviews I have heard around, and not that good fan of SRK or Deepika Padukone (Sorry I used SRK’s name first), was not that excited to watch the movie, but to my wrong belief it was real good, fun and family entertainment I could say, and I wouldn’t mind watching it again 🙂

The story is simple, our dear 47 year old, young happening chap, a Mitaiwala from Mumbai, Mr. Shahrukh Khan as Rahul Mithaiwala, plans to go to Goa lying to his granny, and to bluff her, ends up going in Chennai Express, and that’s where the whole story starts screening. SRK meets Deepika Padukone as Meenalochni Azhagusundaram, who is from a remote place in Tamil Nadu who is been forcibly taken by her cousin brothers back to her dad, who is the God Father of South India. The forcible journey on this train, ends up in a romantic adventure, with lot of over acing drama.


The movie was really fun to watch, where I liked Deepika Padukone’s acting the best, with her accent and acting skills. Specially the evil possession in the night. SRK as usual ends up doing his same thing, I suppose that’s why people love him and I don’t, the uncle still ends up being the young happening youth.

What you could look for in the movie is,
Lame but good comedy, where you will end up rolling on the floor.
Good dance numbers, my personal favorites would be, “1 2 3 4 Get On The Dance Floor“, “Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari“, “Lungi Dance“.
Some good fun with Tamil Dialogues and the Hindi translation of it
Good scenery’s which are not of Chennai nor Tamil Nadu, most of them are Kerala, Goa and Mumbai 😛
South Indian Culture showcased colorfully


Things that you can least expect is
The same old acting style of SRK
The lame dumb jokes you could say
Overacting in many scenes
Too unnatural stunts and action, where the Hero never dies, even if smashed by the strongest man on earth. Stunts after all its Rohit Shetty’s movie so it comes in the package.
Dirtiest places look amazingly beautiful. The Sea and place at Rameshwaram looked as if it was a beach in Mauritius.

Anyways all said and done, its on a 7.5 rating scale at the box office, released on Eid al-Fitr 8th August on a record 3,500 screens in India and 700-plus screens abroad, including 196 in the United States, reportedly one of the largest global releases ever for an Indian film. However I could say you could really Ready Steady Po.

Chennai-Express-Mobile-Game has come out a game of the same, inspired by Temple Run and Subway surfer, available for Android and Java mobile user.

Chennai Express

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