Its Christmas time,
mistletoe and wine
Children singing Christian rhyme.
With logs on the fire
and gifts on the tree
A time to rejoice
in the good that we see.

Been a very long time since i blogged, and i just thought today would be a great day to blog something. Went for Christmas yesterday, had a good time with ma family the whole day, and in few minutes will be going for a Fancy Fete at Bendore Parish.

Been too busy with my project work for long. Not that it is done, but it is coming out good. Having up’s n down’s at work, but at the end the result is always best in one form or the other. Some times after the whole day banging my head about how to do something or solve anything, just at the end of ma days work, something flashes, and we just do it and it works out well.

Its been a pretty long time since I had started my project work, i guess i even forgot my joining date by now. but the times we are having there is something different.

This Christmas season it made me realize a very lot of things actually. Some things that i spent days and nights thinking, Why this happening?? Why this is not happening the way i want?? Why me??

Lot of things are running in my mind right now, and i dont know what exactly to share about, but just wanted to say, though hard times or not me surely having a great time, with God by my side.

I know some may say Kelvin has mentioned about God in his blog, and some others may say he has just mentioned God only once in his blog. I dont know what to say, and how to explain, but me just too excited and happy with way my life is going.

Also here are some of the snaps I had clicked at ma place using my cell phone. Have not come out good in resolution, but are not so bad to watch and share.

And wait before i conclude my this blog, I would like to thank all of those who made my life so special, all my dear loved one’s not only in relation maybe but in heart who are constantly remembering me, praying for me, and wishing me all the best at all times.

This was the message I had passed on to many for Christmas, would like to share it here to,

And the Angel said unto them “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord”. Luke 2:11

Merry Christmas:)
May God bless you, atleast for even reading my blog:):)

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