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Coincidence v/s God’s Plan (Part 1)

To all the believers this incident will very much appeal for sure!
Have you got the sickness of yawning or getting bored while reading a religious book, but the same thing doesn’t happen if you are reading an novel or watching a TV series?


Why do we yawn?

A yawn is a reflex of simultaneous inhalation of air and stretching of the eardrums, followed by exhalation of breath.

Some of the theories written about yawning are
A mechanism for cooling the brain
Now I dont think when we just start reading a religious book, after we are afresh we need to cool the brain?
A means of building empathy
They say autism suffering people can spread the yawning disease, coz of emotional empathy and communication. Now when I read I am just alone, not surrounded by any kind of people!
An way to boost oxygen in the body
Now while reading religious books, I am very sure, I dont need extra oxygen in the body, coz one I am not reading a scary book under water, second I am just sitting and reading, not jogging in the park at same time.
An invitation to sex
Now this is just insane! I dont even need to explain this point I feel, come on I am reading a religious book remember!
A leftover, useless behavior from
Our days in the womb, when fetuses yawn to clear their airways and allow fluid to escape. But now I am alive, 22 years old, well built, and healthy.

So I suppose yawning sickness during reading Bible is not a ordinary sickness, or related to any of the above cases, discovered by “learned” people, there is much more to it then right?

When there is good, there is bad, and When there is God there is evil.
My belief, that evil just doesnt want me to read the Bible. He wants me to get bored, and stop reading or just lie down. But my God makes me strong, so that I fight evil, and try to know him more, and walk according to his plan.

Another amazing thing, I am trying to write this post, and from the starting of this post if I have counted I might have got about 100+ yawns by now. And hey here’s one more.

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@Juvita, How could you yawn when reading such a marvelous post by Kelvin?
Evil !! 😉
@Kelvin, Once again good job!! 🙂

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