Coincidence v/s God’s Plan (Part 6)

Mark 12:27 Jesus says, “He (God) is not the God of dead, but the God of living”

Its always been a very true experience for me in my life as how God has been working in different instances of my life. And a few of these instances I do share them online to testify to how God’s blessings are showered on us, and maybe somewhere you could also be able to see how God is working in your life.

This instance would be a little funny and weird one, but God did hear my prayer in jiffy in my need and I was so happy that I had to share it.

It all happened during my travel from Mangalore to Bangalore on last Sunday night in a Sleeper Bus. A chilly night, cool breeze blowing and my mistake of having a good meal of Conji and Curds before the journey all led to a unrest-ful night of me longing for restroom breaks.

So it all happens we have a break, and the travel begins, and I am rolling all over my bed to get the right posture to sleep, when my body says your tank is full, you need to empty it urgently.

I dont know how many would agree with me on this, but I dont think there are many things in world that you could do anything for, of which when you badly want to go to pee, you cannot control yourself and yes you end up being ready to do anything, for that restroom break.

Now usually I dont have this happening, once I sleep I am dead asleep, but the mixture of weather and my meal was all that made it otherwise, and I had heard about other’s experiences that driver’s dont easily comply for individual needs when it comes in the night travel and especially in the southern part of India. My only resort was to pray that struck my mind.

So I am on my bed in the bus, crying with my small prayer,

Jesus, whatever happens, please make the bus stop for one rest room break

And thats all I was able to say and pray with the pain and uneasiness. Its said, when you pray you to believe with Faith that you have received it, and so did I, that I was just ready to get off from my bed, believing the bus will stop.

To my small humble prayer, our bus did stop in a place of nowhere, now I couldnt ask more, when I came to know the place was some deserted hotel which had a proper loo (stinking though). I was all praising God and so happy, once I was relived of this uneasiness! With a happy smile and all praises to God, back to bed, ad the travel continued, only to know when you have a meal like the one I had, the water tank capacity in the body is quite small, and I just had too much rice curd soup.

It was maybe just 2 hour after that stop, I was back to square one with all pain and uneasiness. I couldnt help but curse myself of not thinking smart to not eat food like that. But what was done, was done, and I had no idea what I could do again. So now, I again tried the same prayer, but I know I was asking too much of God now, making the whole bus stop coz of my carelessness was little too much. Repeating prayers is also something that I dont like. Best part, when you are in all this pain, you have devil also ready to help you to come up with a lie, just go lie to the driver that you have to puke, and definitely he’ll stop. But thats not what I wanted to do. So I become creative, I pray like,

Lord can you make this bust stop, maybe even driver would want to pee, please do something, help me.

So here I am on the bed, trying to set my body in some posture, hoping the bus will stop soon, and the pain will reduce, but it didnt. 30mins passed, and we are still moving on the Ghats. Now asking the driver to stop is also risky, coz once who ride on them will know, how hard it is to bring a vehicle to complete stand still, when the roads are steep and narrow.

Had a peep outside the window and I saw the bus was moving on a plain road at once, near to a Toll Gate. Now I knew the bus will slow down for toll, and this was the best time. I ran to to the driver, and pleaded for a stop, for which we was not so happy, but he did stop. I was like yay, Praise God, when I saw my small additional prayer was also answered that I could see a little further down, he also was there relieving himself.

With these experience you feel, dehydration is fine, than end up in these kind of situations. So though I was a little thirsty now, I dared not sip a little amount of water too. Some how after this I had a good night or early morning sleep and reached Bangalore safe and sound.

Told you it was a weird experience, but weird people like me get these experiences, where God does not let me be astray, but he helps me in every way possible.

You had any similar experiences, do share them in the comment section below.

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