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Day 2 @ Vagson’s Technologies

Hmmmm by reading my first blog about my first day at ?@?$0?’? Technologies u got tired for sure i guess. So i’ll try to be short and sweet today.


Actually we all three reached around 7:30 PM so that we didn’t want to spoil the impression of us during the first few days itself. The employees as usual came after 8AM and sir didn’t turn up at all. I had forgot to mention that on the first day evening before giving us the system’s to work on we were introduced to our external guide Rahul who doesn’t like to be called sir so I’ll make it a point not to mention him sir in my blogs to.

So he told us to continue with our work of learning the language and working on the built in project given in the book called Dorknozzle.
I just thought will also give you the links of the Software’s me working on and E-books me referring. If you are interested then you may use it.
The book we referring for now is : Build your own 2.0 website using C# and VB
Also the software’s we currently using are:Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.Microsoft SQL Server
The first software will help you to create websites and web applications and lot more things and the latter will help you in managing the Database of you website.
Both are actually easy to use with the help of the E-book.

Now we continued our work till 1PM as we had informed them before that at 1PM we’ll take our break and that’s what we did.


At about 1:30PM we were back in action at our systems, and on day it was not so bad actually. We learnt how a website is actually made, how a default page is created, how important it is to have master page or template, use of style sheets and lot more things.
At about 5PM we took another small tea -break.


At 5:30PM we were back again after having a small cup of tea and a Veg Puffs. And till 8PM we slogged out. At the end at 8PM i managed to complete 250 pages of the 715 pages E-book. Said a big bye to all in the Office and left back home a bit tired.

Conclusion of this day was at the end of the day the Headache i had on the first day was gone and i really started liking the work i was doing.
Just can say that God works in many ways and he sees that we are not only provided with all happiness and good things coz then we would not really enjoy the good things we get and the beautiful moments of our lives. So first day was tiring but second day was fun.

Chal anyways i end my blog of the second day here. Thank you again for reading it. God Bless:)

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