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Day 3 @ Vagson’s Technologies

hmmm Sorry for the delay in posting! But i was really tired of work daily and i guess today is my 14th day @ work! 🙂
But anyways nevertheless me posting today coz i still remember everyday of my work. How can i forget what happens from morning 8AM to night 8PM.:)

Day 3 of my work did also go as usual with the goal in the mind that i had to finish treading that e-book that was given to us and also to complete the project included in the book.

Was successful in everything i did in the morning but when it came a bit later to the database thing. There so many errors. Some i could debug them some i couldn’t. Then had to ask help with Rahul and also Linton where then i could proceed. We had lunch and evening tea in between at different places this time and completed the our work time at 8PM SHARP.:). And the sad part i couldn’t complete the E-book. Went back home with the goal that tomorrow is gonna be the last day i am going to work on that dumb Dorknozzle Project.
And so the day ended with only little happening’s but a thought in mind that its not our plans that God completes but it’s his plan that we are supposed to do it.

Thank you for reading! God Bless:)

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