Day 4 @ Vagson’s Technologies

Day 4 started by me reaching a bit early than the rest of my team mates. Also my goal in mind didn’t die down. I really wanted to finish the book thing by today.

We started as soon as possible to work on it, and the other employees working on their Project work which we had no idea what they were doing. I tried a bit further in the database, and everything regarding the database worked well (Of course with lot of struggles, and trail error methods and stuff).

now came the authorization and authentication part of the project. I guess you know that its really important to secure your data of the project and database. Same thing i am talking about here with the bit a computer language terms.

I was not able to do it. I tried everything still it didn’t yield any result. Rahul suggested me to re-install all the software’s the one’s i worked on and also the one’s relating to it. Three times i installed Visual Studio and still no results. It showed me the same error.

Had lunch and tea in between to boost me up so that i could get any solution for the problem, but no. Whole day i just spent trying to re-install as many software’s as possible. Day 4 got complete and the worst part still i couldn’t finish my goal.

At the end of the day i realized i was just studying and working all by myself and trying to finish it not even keeping in mind that my team mates were lagging very far behind.

Hmm so for the next day i had some different plans and goals added along with ma existing goal that tomorrow is going to be the last day me going to work on that project.:)

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