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Death more Profitable than Life

I was recently having a chat with my friend, and this topic came out of no where, is Death more profitable than Life.

I mean we had this talk for a small time, but then I started giving a thought about it, and it did come out true.

We live, and try to do everything that brings profit for ourselves. We earn for ourselves, or for our family. We try to enjoy our life to the utmost possible and sometimes not even caring about others. Our life actually just becomes confided within ourselves.

What happens when we die then?

Given a thought a lot of people profit coz of your death, God forbid, not wishing my readers to die now, but just think.
We die then
The Florist gets a new order for flowers
The Grave Digger or the Body burner and new task and business
The Coffin Maker
The priest or pandit some income and respect
The Transport person
The Caterer
The music people
If died in the Hospital, all the department charges, the ambulance.
If died due to some accident or suicide, extra income for Police, Government.
The newspapers for Ads, and now News Websites too.
A little high five people would need a beautician for the body to look its best before going down to the soil.
More people will travel for your funeral than your birth day, so transport guys have got some quick bucks to make.
Also the remembrances of every month and week, again profit for all AD guys.
To that matter, even people will pray more during that time, so more people to Talk to God.
Last but not least, profit for Mother Earth, one more burden gone, who would spoil the Earth.

So what do you think, aint Death more profitable than Life?

Contradictorily, my friend actually works in saving people’s life. Now thats the more best part. But he is very much dedicated to what he does.

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