Wouldn’t it be great to pay your own educational fees? Or make some few bucks as your pocket money?

CouponSpy.in is looking for a new logo for their website, www.couponspy.in, in the form of a mascot or symbol to represent the brand, and is hosting a competition to find one. They will award the winner of the competition a scholarship worth Rs 100,000!

The competition is open to all high school seniors and all university students who are going to pursue their studies within the next academic year, regardless of which institution they will be attending!


For more information, simply click here.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at scholarship2013@couponspy.in

About CouponSpy
Parvati Singh’s venture to help people of India to Save More is what made this Web Portal come in place. And the sites promises a difference compared to other portals, that not only do they offer discount codes, they provide deals for all of their online stores too.

Source: Parvati Singh, CouponSpy.in

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