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Direction Remo D’souza
Cast: Jackky Bhagnani, Pooja Gupta, Arshad Warsi, Riteish Deshmukh
Duration: 2 hours
Genre: Drama

This sunday I had been to watch the newly released FALTU much to my dismay, it did turn out to be “faltu” after all.

Story: Its about 4 back benchers who just manage to clear the exams, but still want to continue “studying” further, but no colleges take them. So they come up with their own plans of starting their own college, for a day to bluff their parents. Apparently it turns out lot more of faltus like them end up coming to the college and thats when they hit a plan of starting a new trend in the education system.


The whole story more of runs around the concept of 3 Idiots, and if you have seen some Hollywood movies surely you would say its just a dubbed one. The same old idea now, of a new style of teaching. The students try to break the usual discipline rules of the world, and start their own new style of learning. The camps becomes a hub of learning for budding chefs to physical trainers, fashion designers to tattoo artists, and dancers, actors, and so on.

Everything was ok, but when the concept of digital lectures online, with video of professionals teaching was very much not needed, and to add the fire to it, Remo D’souza’s clips of tr-creating the dance show in the climax. Totally unnecessary when all have watched it on their personal TV.

The movie has got Arshad who helps them in making the plans come true and Riteish as their philosophical mentor.

You can never understand when the movie is the funny part and when it turns to be serious. I would prefer it to be sticking on the funny, since the serious part didnt have much effect either.

Things I like about this movie.
The climax of the college show, it was really a good one. Hats off to the choreographer.
The only song, Party Abhi Baaki Hai, I know you might have heard it in all the popular DJ’s grooving that tune, other songs naaaah.

Overall, for just a time to relax, the movie is good, worth the ticket. So if you free this weekend, you can surely go for it.

After all I am also a F.A.L.T.U 🙂

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