Its that time of the year, when you got to be reminded of your dad (Father), the silent supporter in your life, that you might have forgotten to acknowledge him, to spend time with him, and maybe just thank him for being your Father. This 21 June 2015, the world calls out to you to wish your dad a Happy Fathers Day! Thinking about it, I was just thinking what could be the priceless gifts you could give your dad this Fathers Day and that would be,
Fathers Day Gifts

Spend a Day with your Dad
You must be having a busy work schedule managing whole lot of studies or pending office jobs or having occupied yourself in other social engagements but remind yourself that this is Father’s Day. It means that you are supposed to spend quality time with dad. Share thoughts with daddy listen to his words of wisdom and note them in your diary. They will always come in handy.

Prepare a Special Father’s Day Meal
There is no better way than to please dad than to cook him a sumptuous Father’s Day meal. A better idea would be to make an extra effort and cook daddy’s favorite dishes. This way you can grant mommy some time away from kitchen so that she can give a relaxed company to daddy.

Finish Pending Chores for Daddy
Find out if there are some pending works of dad like if there are bills he has to pay or take his car or bike to garage. Or if he wants somebody to give his car a good wash. Or take him to a visit to doctors if he has been delaying a routine visit. These are small gestures but speak volumes about your care and concern for daddy.

Make a Family Video
A funfilled activity for the whole family on Father’s Day can be preparation of a family video wherein each person in your family can present views on your Papa. Another special idea could be prepare a video in advance making your father’s friends, relatives, colleagues and even the family present their views on Papa. Show this video to dad on his special day and amaze him.

Play Dad’s Favorite Sports
Let Papa have a best of Father’s Day by making him indulge in his favourite sport or game. Give him a tough competition, he would love to lose the game when playing with his kids. Or call dad’s play pals and make him feel relaxed. Alternatively you can plan a picnic at dad’s favourite haunt and present him a special day.

Organize a Family Get Together
Surprise daddy by calling a get together of extended family including family friends, uncles aunts and their families. Dad would feel good to be close to friends and well wishers on his special day. You can also plan activities and games to make the day more exciting and gay.

Write a Letter
If you are staying away from daddy and for some reason cannot meet him in person write a letter to him. Sending cards is fine but they lack personal touch which comes in a letter. Also have an extended chat on phone and share happy memories. You can call up twice or may be more to compensate for your physical absence and to make Daddy not feel alone.

Present a Handcrafted Gift
Unleash your creativity and at the same time express your feelings for dad by presenting a gift made by you. It would be your Dad’s most cherished gift ever. Imagine how proud he is going to feel showing the handicraft to visitors as something made lovingly for him by his darling son/daughter.

And maybe to top it up, you could browse through a few things below here, that you could gift your dad.

What I Love About Dad By Me – Book




Gardener’s Tool Seat




Razor Pit Sharpener


Love You Father – Printed Cute Coffee Mugs Pair


Kinetic Gear Key Holder


Permanent Calender Cum Clock


Eye Glasses Holder


BBQ Briefcase


Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Wish your dad a Happy Fathers Day, and do pray for him everyday for a long life, with Gods abundant blessings.


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