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French Toast

For those of u, who are hearing this words for the first time, just have a look at the pic again and just try the recipe, you’ll know it better then. I learnt this one from my mom. This is one of my favourite breakfast dish 🙂

Yummy French Toast

What you require to make this yummy evening snack or morning breakfast is,

Bread slices
Turmeric Powder for a slight yellow color
Oil to fry.

This recipe is to make around 18 slices of French Toast.

Break open 3 eggs, and beat them well in a bowl, add a glass of milk and tea spoon of salt and continue beating. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and mix well.

Keep beating until the yolk is mixed well with the milk.

Heat a frying pan, with some oil. Non stick frying pan is the best.

Take a slice of bread each, dip it in the mixture, so that the bread is soaked well on both sides.

Dont leave the bread in the mixture, just dip it on both sides and then fry it on a medium flame until the sides turn golden brown. Turn the sides of the bread.

French Toast is ready to be served 🙂

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Kelvin your french toast receipe is correct but picture shows bread toast with butter. All the best.

Even i love french toast for breakfast but would be more tastier when i myself try it by using your recipe. 🙂

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