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When words are right
All the colors are bright
When happiness rains
All sadness drains

Shed tears in happiness,
Care least for sorrowness
Happiness is a great feeling
Happiness uplifts your living

It fills your life with joy
It will allow you to enjoy
Happiness is at most exciting
Happiness is the art of sharing

Going to school was happy,
Fighting and playing with friends was happy,
Bunking class gave us fun and enjoyment
Topping the class was great achievement

Going to college gave us new energy
Bulky syllabus gave us lethargy
Last min preparation for exams was the best
Missing friends after college were worst

Every Life is full of memories
Use them to bring up happiness
Your smile makes someone happy
So, stay Happy makes others Happy

About Author: Sireesha Pabbathi
Software Developer, Content Writer, Poet, and budding IT professional and a recent Blogger. Down to Earth person, with a kind-heart to all things around her. Always ready to help everyone and good at expressing her feelings through poetry, and one of my best friend.

2 replies on “Happiness”

this is awesome n touching yar:)
I miss my school,my college, my friends:(

but they all made and make me happy..all those memories are keeping me happy

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