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Happy Birthday Facebook

Facebook celebrates its 8th birthday today! From an ordinary social platform to giant social networking, a long journey in a small span of time! From tagging photo’s to changing status’! From seven sea’s far friend sharing his new recipe he invented with video, to your mom liking your relationship status change, its been a long long time we have been hooked to Facebook!

It feels that just the other day I joined facebook, but ye, its going to be 4 years from the day I joined Facebook on July 30, 2008 [ How to find this will post soon 🙂 ].

The journey and up bringing of Facebook has been really great and liked by millions! A best and naughty child as you can put up!

Simple Social Profiles accessible for selected networks [2005], News Feed and mini profile feeds [2006], a new makeover for the profiles with introducing of Facebook Gifts [2007], the Generation-App, with user able to add application tabs and also how to forget, we could update status now [2008], business and celebrities in FB and introducing of Facebook Fan Pages [2009], another make over for the Profile look and new common friends, common interests [2010], View as option to see how others see your profile and page, also Ticker at the right hand side with live updates of what your friends are upto [2011], to Facebook profile Timeline [2012].


Poking, Games, Tagging and whats more, every one was on Facebook with different memories! Life changed, relationships changed, world became a small place to live in!

Happy Birthday Facebook! Congratulations Mack and Team! 🙂

Lots of sweet memories with this Social Network, what’s your cherished sweet memory with Facebook? When did you join Facebook?

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