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Happy Birthday Mom

Mom the one who sat next to us,
Just to watch us play ,as we were kids..
You woke up all night,
Just to keep us safe, When were not well,

Mom you sacrificed all you strength,
Just to make us strong as an individual..
You have lead all your life happily
Just seeing us as the world around

Mom you work hard in the kitchen
Just to prepare our favorite food each day,
You are next to us all the time needed
Just to correct us and opt the right way………

Mom your love, care, affection
Just for us, all your prayers to keep us safe
Mom you will always be with us,
Just to make us & our life perfect and happy.

We didnt know how well to express, we didnt know how to thank God, we didnt know what better to do, for such a wonderful mother God gave me and Jeswin and a wonderful wife to my Dad. You were like a friend in need, guide in troubles, stick for correction, and heart for love.

If we have hurt you unknowingly do forgive us! We never intended to.
Words are few to express for all that you have done!
We love you always!

On this day mom, me along with Jeswin and Dad would like to wish you all the best things in the world!
We pray that Almighty God always guides and protects you, takes care of you, and gives you all the love needed, fills the space when we are afar, showers you with abundant blessings, never leaves you and gives you a long long life with us.
May you have many more birthday’s to come.
Happy Birthday!
I know you didnt want a grand celebration, but you didnt mention specifically to me, no grand wishes! So this is a small gift from me to you 🙂
Here are some moments I could collect of ours together, just to recall 🙂

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Happy Birthday Aunty!
May God bless you and grant you all the joys you deserve. Have a nice day!
God Bless!


Hey Kelvin, wish your Mom on behalf of me,:) I am sure she liked this article. Its a present to your Mom right?Its a wonderful gift.

hi kelvin,



would like to thank your mom for giving me a nice friend like U..


hello aunty 🙂 happy birthday 🙂
dev boro dees duvnk tumka :):):)
don theen puti cal kele, phone uklunai tuve

Hey kelvin… Wish Aunty on behalf of me, A Happy Birthday…
Sry for the late wishes 🙂

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