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Happy Childrens Day

I woke up today not knowing the date, for a series of profile pictures changed to their childhood photos in almost all social media platforms and I was wondering what has happened while I was asleep. Some new fight we fighting by changing our profile pics. Thats when I get a message from my lecturer wishing me Happy Children’s Day, and that were it all made sense to me.

When you are a bachelor staying far away from home, and all you know work eat and sleep, you kind loose the track of dates, days, time and everything that is related. Be it festivals, be it family functions, be it your own birthday or wedding day, all you know is you are slogging out in front of your desk with the boss behind your back. And thats when Google makes it an attempt to remind you what you have been missing.

Google Doodle

The Google Doodle posted today on’s homepage really caught my eye, recalling my childhood days, and I was really awe struck with the doodle a young child had come up with so much depth of meaning in it.

Gayatri Ketharaman, The Bishop’s Co-Ed School, Pune states the description of the doodle as, “Each letter of my doodle depicts a trait of the Indian Women. She is graceful and elegant, adept at balancing work and home. She is a go getter. She personifies motherhood. Even in the face of adversity, she is courageous. Kudos to Indian Women”

I was like whoa man, at her age, all I knew was coloring the pages, and never really gave a thought of understanding what I was drawing, forget giving a description to it. At her age, I didnt even know there was something called Google, there were computers or laptops.

For those still wondering why I am so excited about this day, coz I posted an article after so so long time, is coz today is Childrens Day, our dear Jawaharlal Nehru – Former Prime Minister of India also called as Chacha Nehru’s birthday, wherein he wanted it to be celebrated as Childrens day apparently. This day actually brings so many memories down the lane of my childhood, of dressing up in colored dress, excited of the games that we’ll have at school, and my favorite of it all, lots and lots of sweets. It would be a half day thing, wherein we would be back home by afternoon, have a good meal, and then off to play for the whole day.

From the past when pulled back to the present, your mind just pauses for a while reflecting, whoa, I would like to run like that, and go to play, eat sweets and share some good time with my friends, but hey, since you are lost in the thought, Microsoft Outlook throws out a notification a New Mail in your Inbox from you manager.

Not sure, if I will ever get a chance to relive those days, to run in the fields – if there are a few left, to go jump, scream and play, but to those who are reading my post, and have that opportunity, dont miss the chance, go out there, and enjoy your day, enjoy our day.

Happy Children’s Day 🙂

Image Courtesy: Google
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