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HotSpot @ Home – Windows 7

Hey, How about one dongle or modem at home, but net can be accessed with all devices (laptop & mobile) that too in a secured network! Maybe some you might have tried and some did achieve it too, but there would be some who might have failed in achieving it, and others just not aware that this can be done!

Final Result: Laptop connected with Internet Dongle/Modem acts as a wireless router, where in you can access the internet of the same through another laptop/smartphone without any wired connection.

How to achieve it? (This is for Windows 7 OS)
For Windows 8 Laptops read: Wi-Fi HotSpot on Windows 8

• Go to Control Panel->Network and Internet->Manage Wireless Networks
• Click on Adapter Properties
• Configure
• Choose the Advanced Tab
• Choose AdHoc 11n
• Choose the Value as ‘Enable
• Click OK
• Now Click ADD
• Choose ‘Create an Ad Hoc Network
• Click Next
• Give a Network Name, a name to identify your network
• Security as WEP
• Set a Password 13 Alphanumeric Characters (Example: abc123def456g )
• Choose the Save the Network
• Click OK
• A pop up will ask to share the internet connection, click OK

Now with your mobile or another laptop try accessing the WIFI network, add the Password you gave and start using the net!

Else use the software
I dont know how good it is, but it looks good with the reviews so!

Have fun with internet, and if you were able to achieve this, and saved some cash, don’t forget the saying, ‘Sharing is Caring’ 🙂

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