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How to make Chapati

Been a very long time I tried something new or shared something in the section of Food and recipes, and somehow I realised the common thing we do at home, maybe someone out there may not know how to do it, or maybe my way is easier, so I sat to write this post on ‘How to make Chapati’ the easier and best way.


Now there is Roti, Rumal Roti, Nan, Parota and so on, but Chapati is one Indian Bread eaten and most loved in all parts of India.
Let me straight away go into the making part, coz I write to the one’s who are very hungry 🙂

Atta (Flour) – 2 Cups for 2 members
Water – 3 Cups (Always the ratio must 3:2)
Salt – One Tea Spoon
Oil – Two Tea Spoons
Milk (Optional) – (Half Cup, but if adding lessen half cup of water)

How to make

  • Take all the ingredients in a slight big vessel, where you can do all sorts of stunts to make the dough of the flour. (Maybe initially you might need a vessel where you can put both your hands in it)
  • So now keep molding, if you feel the Dough is more dry and not becoming a good dough, add a little water to your hands and continue molding, if you think its too sticky and wet, add handful of flour and continue the process until it becomes one nice soft dough.

Chapati Flour Dough

  • To check if the dough is good, try to take a small part of it, and it should not be very sticky or get elongated too much before it parts. Also it should be very dry too.
  • Now take small part of it, make a small round.
  • Now you need something called Chapati Roller.
  • Take the small rounded part of dough, spread a little dry flour on the marble or Chapati rolling stand, and start flattening it in all sides moderately and balanced, so the surface is even on all sides and parts of the Chapati.

Chapati Rolling

  • Heat a Iron Pan, and start frying on both sides for few seconds, by keep on turning it.


Your Hot Hot Chapati’s are ready. Now you can have it with whichever dish you want, coz I have never found any dish that you cant have the Chapati with.
If you still dont have anything in mid, you could try, Channa Masala, Egg Chilly, Gudbud Egg, Cauliflower Fried Curry.

Go ahead and treat your stomach, and if you stay nearby to my place dont forget to call me 🙂

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