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How to make french fries in a very easy method

Hey, this Sunday was a day of some free time, so I thought let me try some cooking skills. So before starting anything, and having the house on fire, I did a wise thing, googled the dishes I was thinking of making, and one of them was my very favourite, French Fries.

I know that everyone here, most probably have eaten the fries at KFC, or McDonalds, and always wondered at that moment if I could do this at home then it would be so kool. SO I just put my thought into action unlike others, and found out, its very damn easy to make french fries.

And the best part, I did it, so you can to. So here it goes.


You would need,
Oil to fry
Chilly Powder
Turmeric Powder

Now the instructions,
1. Take as many potatoes you want, so that you know how many fries you planned to hog.
2. Clean them nicely with water, and peel the skin.
3. Cut the potatoes in strips, the size of the strips is again depends on you, but it doesnt matter while preparing the fries.
4. Take a bowl of drinking water, (I mean clean water, put salt as per your taste, you can even add later while frying). And soak the potato strips for an hour long (1 hour)
5. Drain the potato strips, add some chilly powder and turmeric powder as per your taste buds, and mix them well and keep it aside for 5 minutes.
6. Take a frying pan, mainly used for deep frying, heat oil in it on a low flame.
7. Fry the potato strips in batch-wise, on a low flame for about 5 mins each.
8. After all the strips have been fried once, which was for the heating of the inner part of the potatoes, fry them again in batch-wise on a high flame, for the crispy outer cover.
9. French fries are ready to be served. Note, always serve them hot as soon as prepared, with some tomato ketchup for the best taste.

So isnt this easy. Do try it, and reply to me, if it di come as u expected. Maybe not as how it come sin KFC or McD, but its worth it. 🙂


2 replies on “How to make french fries in a very easy method”

Hmm i make it the same way, however not with chilly powder and turmeric powder..will try that too..

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