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How to Wipe of the Traces of Blogger

We always want to remove every single bit of information from our site our blog, that indicates that all that we use is not our’s but some third-party stuff! We try to explore our best by ‘Googling’ with all the possible key words, but in vain. And when we cant find what we are looking for, or understand what is explained somewhere, we just accept defeat to them and let the site or blog run the way it is!

So I felt the same, google for the same, got the solution with some of my own tricks, and removed every bit of information that showed blogger or blogspot in my blog.

Some of the things you will be able to remove by using this post is,

1.) The ‘Powered by Blogger’ Attribution

2.) The Show more posts, while accessing Labels.

So how you do this? Its very very simple! 🙂

Step 1:
Login to Blogger -> Design-> Edit HTML
Tick the Expand Widget Template

Download Full Template before you make any editions or modifications to the template, to be on the safer side.

Step 2:
Search for #Attribution1
You will get a CSS code, remove the existing one, and change it to

#Attribution1 {

That will remove the ‘Powered by Blogger’ code.

Step 3:
Search for .status-msg-wrap
You will get some more CSS code as before, remove it and change it to,

.status-msg-wrap {

This should remove the ‘Show Older Posts’ box from above, when accessing the labels.

SAVE Template, and your good to go.

Have fun with your blog. See you soon with some more new and useful tricks!
If any problem to revert me back through comments or contact me page.

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