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Les Paul’s 96th Birthday Guitar- Google Doodle

Most of you surely remember in the month of June, the home page of Google search engine welcome every visitor with a guitar, you could strum, play a tune and also record the tune and play it later. I had so many of my friends who were so fascinate with it that they couldn’t stop themselves from playing it, and since it was for only one day some didn’t even sleep that night.

Les Paul - Google Doodle
The visitors to Google on that day and also the time span they stayed on the home page increased so drastically that they felt to create a web page just for their sweet visitors to keep playing some new tunes in memory of Les Paul.

Now First who is Les Paul?

Les Paul
Les Paul *Wikipedia

American Jazz & Country, and songwriter in short Lester William Polsfuss also known as Les Paul was the pioneer in solid-body electric guitar. his tunes, songs, tricks on the instruments kept lot of people eye and ear struck to him. Some of his hits were, “Its been a long long time”, “Brazil”, “Mockin Bird Hill”, “Vaya Con Dios” and many more.He had the “Jingle Bells” multi tracked which became quite famous for long.

Les Paul’s 96th Birthday
You can visit the website. Way to go Google.
So keep strumming some good tunes in memory of Les Paul.

Some tune links I collected made by others
By Julius Motal -PCMag
By CA_Jim -techland.time
By Raymond Fowler (lean on me)

You got your own made up then do post here as comments! 🙂

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