A year back I remember on this very same day of Valentine’s Day, I shared about whats Unconditional Love, about what it was to love one another just how you love yourself! A year has passed, but the word Love still remains a mystery!

The other day I was seeing a old Hindi Movie, where a hero starts liking the heroine, a small talk, and the next scene they are in the park, near mountain side, dancing, singing and running! I just took a pause, and just tried to imagine, what would happen if every person who is in love does the same! We would have War-of-DJ’s in the park, no space for dancing, some would go for old tunes while others to the new masala one’s, the elders who would come for a stroll or a walk in the park, would end up heads on to these running couples, and surely it would a real entertaining scene to watch. What say?

But the question remains the same, why is this portrayed in the movies, while it never is the same in real life! I just dont want to describe how the English movie portrays the word love! The whole meaning of love has been turned to sex! I suppose they Hollywood doesnt have too many parks here and there, to make their couples run around, and also I dont think the couples could actually dance to the tunes of Akon and Eminem!

A few days back there was some discussion going on about relationships, boyfriends and girlfriends, love, commitment, marriage, I over-heard a saying that ‘Love is not for the cowards‘. I am a little curious in real life, so my mind starts thinking on what does this mean! Till date I thought love was for all, and when all heads were nodding agreeing to that saying, made me think more that this statement was supposed to be true in way!

You cant love a person secretly and throughout your life just admire him/her, you need to have the courage to stand up and express your love to the person!
You cant say its love, while you dont even have the guts to stand in front of the other person and have a chat, but share to all your friends that he/she is the one made for you, until the day she gets married to someone else!
Love is not keep on giving gifts and spending money on someone, but its about caring for that person more than yourself!

So now I realized, yes Love is for the courageous and surely not for the cowards! This Valentine’s day, share and express your love to the person whom you love, care more than yourself!
Happy Valentines Day

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