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Lover v/s Parents

The title of this post really gets a chill down the spine of what I am upto writing this time, atleast for some, and for others surely a grin on their face saying, yes the title is more apt to the modern times of what happening all around! Now why I came across this thought?

Recently I got an message, which was like this,..

You Lie to you Parents for you Lover,
But why not to you Lover for your Parents?
To marry your Lover you leave your Parents,
But why dont you leave your Lover for your Parents?
You ask your Lover whether he/she has taken lunch on time
But have you ever asked the same question to your Parents?
You leave all your bad habits for one promise to your Lover,
But why not after the repeated advice from your Dad?

This message kept me thinking for long, isn’t thats what happening in this world! The Guy and Girl are ready to fight their parents and even leave the house just for their Lover who they met few months or years back, but a word from their Parents to leave the girl or boy they like and they become the rebel’s at home.

The Mom who carried you for 9 months, who gave you birth, the one who fed you, who cared, loved you always, who protected you from all harm, who carried you in arms wherever she went, who loved you more than herself, becomes the enemy on the war lines when a girl/boy comes into out life?

The Dad who was there for us, who watched us grow, who held our hands when we were about to fall, who taught us how to turn a screw and how to fix a fuse, the one who worked hard day-and-night, even sacrificed his meals and fun, just to feed us, and give us the best, who gave his time to us, even though he was very busy with his work, who never showed the problems he faced, but happily hugged us and put to sleep, today is placed at the place of a Hitler, just coz he doesn’t like the girl/boy I choose?

Going against our parents who loved and cared for us always, just for a new person in our life, is it ‘Love‘? Does love define to fight and run away from you parents, break your own family, just so that you can start our own new family?

Some might reason out, my parents dont like the life partner I have chosen, but they dont see the fact behind, have we sat with our parents for few moments to find out whats wrong with our choice, why does my parents dont like the one I choose, is there any misunderstanding, is there something that I still dont know?

When small, we used to ask permission/advice for everything, and today we are all set ourselves to do things as we think? Are we ready to be so mature?

Give a thought, spend a moment, think twice and see what your heart says?
Love your parents, as they loved you.

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