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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Call me a bad critic or worst reviewer, but honestly the recent Bollywood movie I saw, just made me a grade higher in what I do. I have seen dumb movies, but this was the dumbest.

“Mere Brother Ki Dulhan”, by Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Ali Zafar just made me feel that I really wasted my money on the movie ticket and pop-corn, and not to forget my sweet time of lazying on the bed too.

Ali Abbas Zafar and Aditya Chopra were really at their worse this time. The whole movie sequel is about younger brother going to find bride for his elder brother, and in this mean time, he himself falls in love with the bride. Some reviewers else where termed it as humorous, for me it was just boring. Other than the shortest “handkerchief” sized dresses of Katrina and cute face, and bad dress selection for Imran and awesome automobile selections for all, there is nothing more in the movie.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Acting by Dimple Dixit (Katrina Kaif) and Kush Agnihotri (Imran Khan) was ok, but Luv Agnihotri (Ali Zafar) was just time pass one.

The press release revealed that John Abraham will do some special appearance, I suppose I slept off, coz I never saw him anywhere, or might be I missed him if he just drives by in a Bajaj Vespa.Katrina Kaif - Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Some things really made me laugh and wonder where,
1.) Our dear Dimple, spoils her bus, so that they dont have option but to board on the guys bus following it. They our two different college’s, didnt the invisible lecturer accompanying them in this so called “educational-tour”, had any problems?
2.) Somehow after having no option to catch any other vehicle, the girls board the guys bus, but where did the truck, with the whole band and heavy speakers, and jeeps and cars come from? (Dimple’s fan’s, was that you?)
3.) The scene on the red-fort, where Katrina Kaif plays a rock concert there, who gives them the current facility there, “Akbar’s Old Hidden Generator”.
4.) No one stopped them from taking all the speakers and stuff inside, but the cops came later to arrest her.
5.) Corruption is very well portrayed in the movie. Dimple gets arrested, and since her dad is a minister, the scene of her going to jail and getting bailed is also not there. So fast all inside job works.
6.) Throughout the marriage celebration, the board, “Dimple Weds Luv”, is in marigold flowers in the morning, but somehow in the night it starts glowing like bulbs. This keeps on going, when atlast they both plan to run, all the flower “bulbs” start bursting.

The movie maker, started the movie, I feel like, since someone else tried a movie on reality of life, let me also try it, and it will work, and if not let me try again, and this time it will surely work.

The best part of the movie is only the Song Tracks, atleast we have some dance numbers that keep your feet tapping. My fav would be “Isq Risk” by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan - Imran Khan - Katrina Kaif - Ali Zafar

I leave it upto you, if you want to see this movie, coz its not recommended by me.


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