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Mission ImPIZZAble

When was the last time did you hear about a event where you eat pizza’s for free and be rewarded? Even if you did, was it in Mangalore? Definitely not I am sure. So what am I going to share now will definitely make you read the whole post twice to believe its really happening, in my very own native Mangalore, Karnataka, India.

The 3 Hungry Men (Mangalore’s Food Reviewing Body) along with City Center Mall and Pizza Hut India are all ready to celebrate EID with one of a kinda of competition called “Mission imPIZZAble” on August 9th, 2013 from 4pm to 7pm at the Mall premises.

NOTE: Its FREE with Age No Bar!
Rules: You have to be very HUNGRY
Mission: Prove that you are the hungriest and best Pizza eater

Mission imPIZZAble

Now I know all the hungry readers here must have got their eyes wiped clean to check if they are reading it right, adrenaline level rising up, and my other dear readers outside Mangalore must be cribbing like me, why am I not in Mangalore when events like these happen.

This event is specially hosted by The 3 Hungry Men to celebrate EID with all Mangaloreans in a unique and more celebrating way.

Now this event will be held with different random on-the-spot rounds based on the participation and the hunger level. but hey, its First Come First Serve Basis, so you wanna be part of it, then you gotta be there first.

Hungry Men with their Pizza's

Now if you were wondering whats there for me, if I participate and win. Awards for these events are also as better as the event can be. You stand a chance to win free vouchers to food and shopping outlets in the mall, and also free voucher for movies at Cinepolis. Now aint that something you dont want to miss.

And it all happens this EID at Mangalore best City Centre Mall along with one of the best Pizza makers in India, Pizza Hut India.

Yes the contest is free, but there will be a charity box kept during the event, for a voluntary contribution for the flood reliefs for Uttarakhand which will be handed over to the DC of Mangalore by the Mall Authorities.

Now get out of your boring routine life, enough of pubbing, clubbing and hanging out at the same places, its time to do something different, its time to Eat your heart out. Can I see you getting set for the event.

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