Ruchik Randhap is online Mangalorean Cook book by Shireen Sequeira, a Mangalorean living in Dubai, who loves to experiment from her mother’s cookbook, recipe books & the internet. The entire Website is filled with recipes with amazing pictures, that you will end drooling over. All recipes that are posted on the site are personally tested by the author, and with all extra tips and tricks are shared with her readers who are from all geographical locations of the world. You too might not want to miss this amazing site, if you love food and love cooking too.

Ruchik Randhap

Simple Chicken & Mayo Sandwich
Chicken Ghee Roast
Butter Cake
Kori Ghassi (Bunt Style Spicy Chicken Curry)
Kori Aajadina/Chicken Sukka
Pikya Ambyachi Kadi (Ripe Mango Curry)
Goan Pork Sausage (Chorizo) Pulao
Tharlyanchi Khodi (Sardine Curry)

Do share your feedback in the comment section below after trying these out, and let me know if I was wrong or right about them. Also if you have found any dish that I shouldhave mentioned here, feel free to let me know about it.

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