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My City Way – Archana, Puneet, Sonpreet

We always want to find out about who was the author of Facebook, Twitter, Orkut. Tried to find out why he/she started it, cursed our fate, that even though we start something nothing has happened yet, just saw them as our role models to mint money. But did we just realize that we hardly used to bother there werent any Indian names with them.

Actually we didnt bother to find some. After all we are Indians, and western stuff fascinates us more than our pure Indian products. Agreed?

Recently got a mail about three people who made the difference in my thinking, my thought and just left me struck with one word awesome. Yes I am talking about three Indians, Archana, Puneet, Sonpreet. Heard these names? Well, where you have time, while you are stuck up poking friends in Facebook, or Just expressing yourself on Twitter or just cursing the new changes on Orkut.


These three Indians where just the other young brats who went abroad to study, get a good job and settle in life, but at some point there was a change unlike others, they want to make it a difference.

Quit their Money Minting Wall Street Job’s to start their own company’My City Way’. The struggles, challenges, obstructions, only they know what they have gone through.

My City Way Team
My City Way Team

MyCityWay is a real-time, user-driven, location-aware suite of urban reference apps and app platform for mobile devices. Combining a range of rich applications with vital urban information, MyCityWay is designed to help navigate and explore the world’s cities, like never before. Use MyCityWay to find a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood, locate the nearest wireless hotspot, or buy tickets for the next showing of a blockbuster movie. Connect with other users to find the perfect lunch spot, keep tabs on apartments for rent, or check a live traffic feed before you leave the office.

You could use MyCityWay for
Locating the nearest wireless hotspot and getting directions
Purchasing tickets for the next hit movie or concert and telling one’s friends about it
Finding an Italian restaurant in your neighborhood that is kid-friendly, serves alcohol and has outdoor seating
Connecting with other users to find the perfect lunch spot
Keeping tabs on apartments for rent or job offerings
Checking live traffic cameras before leaving office or home, Planning an entire weekend with a touch of a button
Finding the perfect parking spot ahead of time
Sharing tips about places and events with others

This application was founded in November 2009, with a new city added every week. The application runs in iPhone, Android OS and Blackberry Phones.
News is out that this company will be helping BMW in creating navigation technology for their future cars and planned to invest $5 Million for the same.

MyCityWay founders in Time Square
MyCityWay founders in Time Square

Some Application snaps for you,


Also currently in India, this application works for Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.


You can check more details about them or download the application by clicking here.
You can follow up on them on Facebook and Twitter.
Also to keep up with the founders, Archana, Puneet, Sonpreet.


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