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My Weekend at Home Sweet Home Mangalore

Work..Work..and more Work made me slog more than a donkey, (no intention to hurt the feelings of Donkey), but late night work, and pressure and deadline, made me say its done, I need a break, so just planned myself to make it for a weekend to my Home Sweet Home Mangalore.

The planing the decision all happened so soon, that I was quite amazed to what a fun filled, stomach filled, and heart filled weekend I had. You can understand how much my work load is now, coz I had to write this post a week later.

So got a train ticket, got a RAC and somehow half way mid night got a conformed seat and 9am touch down at Mangalore Central Station. Dad came to pick me up and just dropped me home. And to my amazement, got a small heart attack to, it was filled with so much stuff, beyond my slightest imagination.

Mom had prepared Buns and Amabade (Vada) with sambar, all my favorite. All hot hot one’s were lying on the table for me, waiting to be gobbled up. The fridge was loaded with chocolates and ice cream. Box were loaded with biscuits and snacks. So atlast I was happy that not having a good dinner the night before had a lot of space in my tummy for all.

Had a refreshing shower, got the biggest plate I could and loaded it with all things I could grab on. It was a dream come true. I knew gluttony is sin, but thats over-eating, and this was just eating, atleast for me.

Switched on the laptop for some dumb movie, just to keep my ears and eyes busy, while my mouth and hand had a lot of work to do, and they were all synchronized. Amazingly for you guys to know, I gobbled just about 4 buns, 4 vada with a bowl of sambar, 3 chocolates and some biscuits in one go.People ask me how do we know how heaven is, I had just had got a small feeling of heaven, atleast for my stomach and taste buds. They were the happiest on this day.

Took a deep breath after the first round, walked a little here and there, coz it had to be digested, before I could for the next rounds. Met some people outside, did some official work of my laptop service and stuff, and was back at home for lunch, and my mom from work too.

Round two started. Rice, Sambar, Chicken Fry and Sandige (Small Garlic and Onion Pappad’s). Again all my favorite. Now eating all of it, was my another way of telling how much I loved my mom at that time. I couldn’t make her sad, by saying no to anything, just when I am finishing the last bit if my lunch, my mom comes out with a bowl of Butter Scotch Ice cream. I neednt had to say anything, but just be humble to mom to whatever she served.

Had some rest, and evening had to go for a over night program of SFC. Whats SFC will share it in a future post. We all met, had some music and dance, and night dinner.
Rice, Dal Sar, Chicken Chilly and Beetroot. I was jus lovin it. 🙂

Had a whole night program with late night chats with my dear brothers. Had some sleep.

Sunday, started the day with praising Lord with a mass celebration at Infant Jesus Shrine, Nanthoor. Came back for the yummy breakfast of Pan Pole (Thin Pan Cakes Mangalore Special) with coconut chutney. I just ate a few, about nine or ten, and thats it. Had the program going on, and it winded up by afternoon. Went to Chefs for lunch, but by the time we reached it was more of evening snack. Had Bar-be-Que Foot-long with Chefs Special Soup. My stomach just agreed with whatever I said, coz it was just happy after so many days,

Evening attended another program of CFC and YFC, and they served Bonda with Tea, said long time no see to the Bonda and then he was not to be seen itself, and tea just settled things in my tummy.

Went back home, refreshed myself, and got ready to come back home. But a final dinner, and just the view of the dinning table, and I was on Cloud nine.
Mutton Stew, Chicken Fried rice, Chicken Fry, Rice, Sambar, Chicken Sukka (Another Mangalore Special) and Sandige.

Dont ask me, who went first and next, they just went one after another.

Went to one of my brothers place coz he dropped me back to Mangalore Junction Station in the mid night for the train I had to catch back.

And thats when my stomach realized I just had too much. was I saying Cloud nine, my stomach just made myself kick to hell, with a severe stomach ache. Happily my seat was confirmed, just tried my best to lie down, coz after a one hour delay in the station and waiting for the train with mosquito bites and growling tummy, you dont need anything then. Did get some sleep, but woke up in the working with splitting headache and body pain. Dont ask me how but I did reach back, worked that day till late night and then went back home and just crashed.

Just Praise God coz he helped me out with all, or else I dont know what would my state.
But this was one weekend I will never forget, atleast my stomach will re-remind me again ad again, coz it was amazing and I owe it to my Mom and Dad’s love and also to my SFC brothers and sisters.

Note: The point I learnt, never eat at once everything that you have been not been eating for long. My daily diet for 6 months was just Dal and rice, and non-veg, my stomach worms were all happy and confused too. So take this point from me! 🙂

But I just had one great weekend. 🙂

I just forgot one more thing, that my dad called and reminded me, the sweetest of all! Warn (Paysam), its a sweet delicacy made in South India, I dont know how could I forget that to mention! So re-mentioned it now! Sorry Mummy! 🙂

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Hmm..your stomach did feast on number of delicacies..And I envy you for that. However, my point is that I love the way you have written it..Keep up the work!!:)

Love this.. I laughed so much.. you write with so much humor and from the heart! God bless bro! 🙂 Love all ur posts 🙂

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