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Have you overheard people gossiping about each other! They might not be talking to you about it, but they are definitely “bitching” (the common term used in this type of conversation) about some third person without his/her knowledge, definitely without their knowledge, else they would have got a free tight slap for sure.

However, what I like about this overhearing of this gossip is not to know what they speak, like to get some facts, but the way they frame sentences, the creativeness they use in mixing the write words, and presenting the statement, in most delicious digestible for the listener. Some statements sound so true, that if the person whom they are talking about hears it, might also end up believing it.

I always wonder, if everyone is so creative and smart in doing this, why do they don’t apply to everything task they do everyday. The communication skills they have, the fluency with language, also the mix and match of words of english and their native language, is really a good entertainment to listen too.

I always feel these people can be real good story writers, or maybe good authors or if not, definitely dialog or theater writers. Sadly I only end up awe struck with the vocabulary they come up so quickly during these conversations, I dont get even when I try searching it online, (Googling, is the terminology most use).

But then when it comes to a real scenario of writing a mail to a client, or to type down an official document, these people are not even in the radius of a kilometer there. When it comes to appraising a person, they fall short of words. When asked to speak a few good words of someone, they are tongue just get paralyzed.

Where does their creativity and talent go, when it exists in all its glory while putting down a person, or spreading a rumor?
When they are witty, and think they are smart while judging the other person behind his/her back, why while confronting the person face to face, they stumble with words, or even not dare to see face to face?

They tell that somethings in this world are so mysterious, you will never be able to get an answer for, if you do have an answer do share in the comment section below, and enlighten me 🙂

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