Lets Pray for India


Lets Pray for India – Team


This site was designed during the India’s Elections in 2014, with the request by Lets Pray for India – Team with collaboration. The site helped people of India unite together to Pray for India and its leaders as the elections were coming near.


The site was developed using simple JavaScript with jQuery and AJAX scripting. It took around a weeks time to have the site up and running.
The site had the fetaure of collecting the visitors name and email address, and with the click of the button ‘Adopt’ used to select a Constituency the person could pray for, rendering the necessary details of the place and election dates, and also sending a mail with the same details too.
A facebook page was setup with periodic wallpapers promoting the idea was also rendered.



Facebook – Lets Pray for India
Bang the doors of Heaven for a Nation led by God

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