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Presenting Your Twitter Profile in a New Way

Always desired to present your Twitter activity in some better way, than just linking you Twitter Account! 🙂

Vizify has some best solution for you, but you need to have a Twitter account, and you can surely try out and see and result yourself!


This application just reads your tweets, your activity, and turns it into a visual display of the info-graphic of your twitter account, with number of tweets, Most Re-tweeted Posts, Best Followers, Favorite Themes and Geographic Impact!

It only uses the read access of your Twitter Account while Authorization and hence wont automatically Tweet your result or status, but you have an option or freedom to do it yourself!

But hey you dont stop it there, the app has also been enabled with the feature of the most recent trendy game Angry Birds! The bird has been replaced with the Twitter Bird and the your Twitter Graph replace the Pigs! A Good shot will get you a good score! I did 4522, try yours! 🙂 and the best part is you can even play with the fallen bird again from the same spot! 🙂

You can check out a sample of my TweetSheet. Sadly you cant save it as an Image, maybe they will have it enabled soon, but you can just take a screen shot for now, and display it anywhere you want! 🙂

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