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Ra One

Have you heard of Random Access Version 1.0 waging a war against the Good One? If not that maybe, game characters coming alive into real world, to finish the fight you left in the game? If not then dont worry, you have just not watched Ra One, the Indian sci-fi super hero film of 2011 is all set to take you into the world of imagination, gaming sandwiched with real-life scenarios, keeping your jaws dropped with all the actions and animations!

Ra One, movie by Anubhav Sinha, produced by Gauri Khan, is a movie on how a Tamilian Game Developer, develops a game as per the request of his son, where the villain is stronger than the hero and never gets killed, who wants to be a bad dude. The game turns out to continue programing and developing on itself, that it starts using different technology to come into real world, just to finish the game, the Game developer’s son had started. But not to worry, we have the savior Super Hero G-one (also in Hindi Jeevan means Life) the good one who comes to save the boy and the family from Ra One, (in Hindi as Raavan meaning the monster from Ramayana).

The movie has Shahrukh Khan (Shekar Subramanium) as the Game Developer and also as G.One, Armaan Verma (Prateek Subramanium a.k.a. Lucifer) Shekar’s Son, Kareena Kapoor (Sonia Shekhar Subramanium) as Shekar’s wife, Arjun Rampal as Ra.One.

The movie starts more of the son not liking his dad much, but dad trying to build up the relationship with his son, and ready to do anything for him, but while the son has his mind fixed to be the bad ass. The father as per the request of his son develops a game with a great script and new technology, which unfortunately starts developing, enhancing, and taking control itself. The point comes when the character come out of the screen to real world, waging a war against the boy who played the game first, but left before finishing it.

The animation, effects and songs in the movie will really keep you fixed to your seat, coz its just awesome! But it falls in the point of story, and since more focus is on action and animation, the plot of the movie is just lost focus and feels like you are missing something here, coz after all tis a Indian movie. The tamil dialogs and guest appearances by Rajinikanth as Chitti (from the movie Enthiran), Sanjay Dutt as Khalnayak & Priyanka Chopra as Desi-Girl is a real cheese on the burger thing. The movie with although all the effects and animation, still has got the Indian touch which is a real treat to watch.

The tune of tamil word, Paithiyakaara (meaning Fool in Tamil), and Konjum-Konjum (meaning little little in Tamil) used by Kareena Kapoor as a hint, and others real give your laughing nerves a real tickle. The Chammak Challo by Akon is also real catchy tune, that you’ll end up singing while you come out of the movie hall.

Although the movie is best for kids, the words used by Shekar’s wife, in her thesis of Abusive words for Indian women, might be caught by kids who might start using at home! Also the portrayal of girls representing Tamilian girls for Chammak Challo, not appropriate.

Some Facts of the Movie:

  • The budget of the movie was INR130 crore, while the box office in the first 5 days of release made INR170 crore.
  • The movie was dubbed in Tamil, Telugu and German and also the 3D version of the movie was also released.
  • A record of 23 cameras were used to film a single action sequence, taking place on the Mumbai local trains.
  • The movie was shot in Mumbai Film City and Goa
  • A Disclaimer was added, after objections from the authority for the scenes where SRK jumps from one compartment to another on the train, so that kids dont try the same.
  • The films crew consisted of 5000 members who worked in shifts to make this movie come live on the screen
  • The Red Chillies Entertainment & Sony Computer Entertainment Europe together released a Full Cycle game, ‘Ra One – The Game’ which can be played on PSP2 and PSP3.

A small piece from SRK’s interview about Ra.One

Ra.One is the modern, new age technology version of our mythological ‘Raavan’, who was a mixture of ten different evil characters. Because it is a sci-fi flick, ‘Ra.One’ will be seen with all these features but with a touch of advanced technologies and tools. I am essaying the role of ‘G.One’ or better say ‘Jeevan’, a superhero who saves the mankind from Ra.One’s torment. Through this film, I want to prove that Indian superheroes can also be as cool as the international ones.

-from Daily Bhaskar

The late night show I went in Qcinemas, here in Cochin Kerala, didnt have much response, but since today was SRK’s b’day it was sure as a treat for me :).

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