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An ordinary boy, who dreams to become big, loves music, does his best to gain audience, but falls to deaf ears, a twist in the life, and he becomes famous, only to hate being famous!

Here’s a story about, Janardhan Jakhar a.k.a JJ a.k.a. Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor), a ordinary Haryanvi Boy from Delhi, who loves to play Guitar, and considers Jim Morisson as his idol, wants to be famous, a ‘Rockstar’, but simple life, normal day-to-day happenings, and usual crowd, just dont let that happen!

Friends just keep encouraging him that he will become one day, since they get free bytes from his cash, but a concerned Canteen Owner tries to put some wisdom in his brains, shares with him that

Jab tak takleef na ho na life mein..
tab tak koi bada nahin banta..

(Until there are no problems in life, no one become’s famous).

The story follows with the boy falling in love with a girl Heer Kaul (Nargis Fakhri), who turns out to be more freak out than him! Though they just try to be friends with each other, and she gets happily married to someone else from a “rich” family, still she yearns for JJ! But here with the pain, songs of JJ now Jordan as Heer renamed him, changes, being thrown out of house, and no roof over head, life faces obstacles over obstacles, and then a twist and turn, he’s in the music industry! Gets a chance to play in a place where Heer is residing, they meet each other again, spend time together, that this time, departing becomes a problem for both, with some new twists, Jordan becomes famous as he always wanted to be, but now he hates being one!

The movie actually runs on the very same lines like many other movies, of a normal simple boy, who wants to become big, family opposes it, friends laugh at him, people around consider him fool, and with a twist or an incident in life, things change, he becomes famous, and the very same people, want to relate to him in all ways possible! Also a love story in between, that plays a major role in supporting in someways, and also an main obstacle to go forward! And in the end, sometimes it all ends well, and sometimes it just does not!

In this movie, the things that I liked were (in priority)
Songs: Sheher Mein, Kun Faya Kun, Hawaa Hawaa, Saada Haq. The Music by A.R. Rehman, and the voice of Mohit Chauhan

The Guitar Strap of Jordan, with some things that were attached to it! I researched for the reason behind those things too,

  • Key: Key of Jordan’s Trunk, gifted by his niece
  • Indian Flag : When he sang on stage for Independence he attached it
  • My roll number in college: Just found it, and attached it
  • Single Earring: A gift in Kashmir buy a shopping lady, when he had gone for shopping with Heer.
  • Rust Coloured Cloth: Chandbhai’s  Qawwali group at Hazrat Nizamuddin tied a rust coloured piece of cloth to my guitar strap.
  • Jai Mata Di Chunni: When Khatana Bhai got Jordan to play in the neighborhood Jagraata, he got a Jai Mata Di chunni from them afterwards
  • Metal Falcon:  In Prague, Jargon met some amazing Gypsy musicians… One of them gave him a small metal falcon, saying that he embodied the true nature and essence of the bird…
  • The Tibetan Flag:  This came on his strap at the Dharamshala concert where people really connected to the song ‘Saadda Haq’.
  • Bronze Coins: A Buddhist monk tied a set of bronze coins on his strap as a blessing…
  • Freedom Tag :  A Rastafarian on his way to Shillong who gave him a tag that said Freedom…
  • Australian Mountaineering Badge : An Austrian Mountaineer presented him…
  • Star: A Russian soldier passed on a star to him outside the international airport after Jordan performed for his battalion…
  • Butterfly Badge : A little girl in Laddakh gave him a butterfly badge…and this for him symbolizes the innocence and  beauty of that place and  its people…So many journeys, so many people, so many experiences…and he carries a piece of all of them on his guitar strap…
  • The fact that the movie actually has 14 tracks in it, thats like 1 hour 6 minutes of music!
  • The Flash back editing and some silly jokes!
  • The final ending, which is not the usual happy one, but a mixture of happy and sad one!

The movie has already made it box office, with earning an INR 107 Crore Profit and also heard that Ranbir actually spent a week stay with A.R. Rehman to actually feel the music before he acts in the movie!

So overall, the movie was a nice one, with good tunes, and a nice story, but could have been made better rather than always beating around the same bush like all! But a good suggestion to all who just have the sickness of becoming famous, that after being famous dont think that you can live a normal life! Also must watch his Website 🙂

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