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Resumes, Curriculum vitae (CV) is all old school, ineffective now most of them believe! Now its all skills, skills and experience with those skills! Having a Photoshop guru in your portfolio or your resume and a tool/application to prove that is something new and unique, wont you say?

A Boston based Start-up Smarterer by a team of Dave Balter & Jennifer Fremont-Smith in the year 2010 came up with a tool that helps users to understand and measure their real level of knowledge they posses in a particular tool/software/application.

From Basic Math to Logo Design, Smarterer has tests in every field you could think of! Be it business, development, administrative, design the list of tests keeps on going. The project is funded by Google Ventures and True Ventures.


Now it just doesnt stop at helping the user, but also firms and institutions in selecting and sorting the candidate they looking for with the skill set. All they would have to do is, create a SkillSet, Share it with the Candidates, Verify their candidates, and Review, Sort & Select the one’s they need. And the best part is the pricing is based on the Scores of the Candidates 🙂

The whole project is also open for user’s to add questions, review questions too! This helps everyone to share their knowledge, and the same time, gauge their skill sets too.

The questions come up with options that you have to answer with a specified time limit, right answers gives you more points, and wrong answers decreases points! All in all, you go up levels of begin expert, proficient, guru and so on.


Have you tried it now? I have, you could too 🙂

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