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Speed up your webpages

Everyone wants their websites to load faster and quicker. But its very hard to calculate why it takes so much time for a page to load.
Is it the images? or the JavaScript? or what not?

So here’s the answer for all the miseries the web developers face.
Most web developers would be familiar with them by now, they are Yahoo’s YSlow and Google’s Page Speed.

If you haven’t ever used them, go install both right now — they’re available as add-ons for Firefox. Both tools are designed to help you speed up your site’s page load times by showing you exactly what’s slowing them down, and used in tandem, they can alert you to some optimizations you never knew existed.

YSlow and Page Speed features will help you know to —
limit your HTTP requests,
minimize, compress and combine your JavaScript and CSS files,
use CSS Sprites,
put your script tags at the bottom of the page and
compress your images.

Now to install YSlow you would need Firebug, already installed.

Go ahead, try it on, and check the difference that you can make for your website.

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