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Technology v/s Technology

After a tiring day at work, was traveling back to my home sweet home on the public transport – BMTC bus. The sun had already set, people were all just eagerly waiting to go back to their families, while the bachelors and spinsters, just crash back on their beds. If there is some food kept ready, maybe have that an then crash. I already had a lot of things going on in my mind, as to what to do about dinner, should I have it or not, or should I just go to sleep, when I had two guys join me in my travel. Both sat next to each other, and we continued our bus journey.

I know you must be wondering whats unusual about that part, unless there is something unusual about me now, two guys sitting next to me and I am so excited to write a blog post. Wait before you jump into any of those conclusions, let me explain what happened in this small journey.

So we have the first guy, simple looking young fellow, remove his old HP laptop and start working on it. Curious that I was, I just had a peep as to what was he upto, and it turns out he was working on some document he had prepared a research or thesis on. He was referring some documents and sites online, making the changes necessary, reading and studying some stuff and totally engrossed with his work, hardly bothered whats happening in the the world outside him, even to the matter as to what is happening in the Bus.

So now we have the other Hero in the bus, all jazzed up with branded clothes and shoes. At first I thought he had stones under his seat, but then I understood he was very bored with this journey. Just within 2-3mis of the beginning of the travel, he just felt uncomfortable. So he took out his latest Samsung Tab. Now I was really looking forward what was he going to do. So he starts with Subway Surfer, an Android Game, which till now I have never understood how it makes sense to run on railway tracks, jumping trains and also collecting coins and gifts on the way, definitely the designer has not visited our Indian Railway Tracks.

However, our champ is really good at this, he was playing holding in one hand and same time fidgeting with his bag for the bus fare. I was really amazed of his skill, handling that enormous gadget and also playing same time. However, his interest of hopping on trains was for too long. After 3-4 times getting caught by the cop in the game, he decided lets run with an Idol through some ancient routes. So now he was hopping around stone path ways with monkeys behind him. He was good at this one too, but his boredom of life was really killing him, so then he kept swapping one game after another.

Best part, I was observing the people around him from different walks of life, of different age gaps, all were fascinated by this boring game chap, but no one took any interest in what our dear chap who was still busy with his documents and research. The big gadget with lots of colors and graphics really did attract the people around.

But this entertainment didn’t last long, as the Hero finished playing every game he had on his tab. He ended up keeping the gigantic device in his bag, and started looking out of the window. I am not sure if it was every interesting or not for him, to see the traffic, tired people on the road, roadside food stalls, but I know he was bored again soon, to come out with his Smart Phone now. And he was back with his small fantasy world of games in the phone.

Sadly it was time for me to get down, but the 45mins drive I had, I was really entertained with these two guys, with one really using the technology, for the very purpose it was made, to learn, to share, to research, while the other was too bored not sure what to do with it, and used it to kill time, I am not very sure, if that would have been the very reason why the new gadgets are really made.

Let me review the gadgets someday later, but I learnt my lesson today. 🙂

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