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The Joy of Giving Week

Now most of you may not be aware, and some might have just heard, but in India every year, during the week coinciding with Gandhi Jayanthi, the Joy of Giving week is celebrated. And this year it falls from October 2nd to October 8th.

Now what is Joy of Giving Week?

Now basic question first to think about,

  • What do we do when we see some poor person outside on the road?
  • What do we do when some stranger comes to our door step in need of our help, financial or as food?
  • What do we do, when we know we have something extra with us at home?

Now the reply to most of these questions in our day-to-day life would be, ‘NOTHING’. Always we have this thought, someone will help them. We have NGO’s, minister’s for what, to help them, let they do it. We should not encourage them to beg, but we should give them work (the words just fly in the air).

We buy clothes every alternative week, for every occasion and wedding’s, and there is no space in the wardrobe, but still we dont want to part some of the clothes for another brother or sister of mine who doesnt have anything to wear even for a day.

We eat every other day in restaurants, and order food more than we can eat, and it just goes waste, but there is this person who sits near my house outside, who just imagines of having a morsel of food everyday, and in the contrary never does.

We roam in GPS enabled, Fully Air-Conditioned, Power Steering, and all accessories included SUV’s and MUV’s, travel by flights and spend our vacations on cruises, but the same another creation of God who is a look alike like me, I see him dragging himself on the road every-time I pass the road.

If we had lots of money, we could have built a ashram for them. If we had a big bungalow or a firm, I would have appointed them as my employees. If I was the minister I would have eradicated poverty all over.

All these thoughts just remain as thoughts for the time being and then they are just faded while we move some steps further!

The Joy of Giving Week is an initiative, a reminder for us every year, to start sharing and giving what we have in abundance.

What can we do about it?
Collect all the old clothes, newspapers you have at home, and give it to Scrap Dealer, and the money you get give it some poor person you know or have come across
Any un-used stationary items you have at home, give it some NGO’s or organisation who have planned to collect items to give it to the poor, ashrams etc.
Join as a volunteer in collecting things, and serving the poor.
Atleast if not anything, as a last good thing you can do is share the word to all.

The 3 Hungry Men of whom I had expressed before, have come forward along with MAD – Make A Difference in doing this in Mangalore.

You can find more details of them here.
Though I am a little late in sharing this, this would be just initiative to start soon and enjoy the Joy of Giving.

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