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Chicken Biryani – Malbar Style

Sundays are times when I get some time to relax, let my thoughts and imaginations go wild and try to innovate or making something special for myself! Its my time on a Sunday! 🙂 Most of the Sunday’s I used to be always engrossed in something or the other, and it was a very long time since I started preparing some special cuisine! When I plan for something special or simple recipes, I try to take some tips from Shireen Sequeira and this Sunday i planned why not try some Chicken dish, and I wash in moments reading through Malbar Chicken Biryani.

Let me share the outcome of it first, so then you will realize how good the recipe came out, though I had to make some simple changes of my own, since I didnt have all ingredients and dishes too :). My room mates and me ended up, not able to walk around the house with stomach’s full until they could burst! We couldnt stop licking our fingers for the small minute taste fillers ;)! One of my best creation in recipe‘s!

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Egg Cuisine

I know a lot of ordinary egg dishes to make, but I wanted to try something new, and different. So again as usual did some research of my own on google, mixed matched some recipe’s, did some manipulation of my own, and voila, a yummy egg curry was made. If you dont believe me, you can ask my room mates who are still licking their fingers.

Just for your notice, this dish will taste a little bit sweet, but then you have our own rights to manipulate it and make it spicy, or sour or as ur taste buds, make you do it.

So here’s how the preparation for the dish goes. You would need