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“Can you WhatsApp me that info?”
“Hey lets discuss about this on WhatsApp
“I have shared the photos on our family group on WhatsApp

Are you one like me who at once started wondering when did this new word was added in the dictionary, after the some new additions like “Can you please Google that one?”, “Hey you on FB?” , “I just tweeted that update!”.

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Mission ImPIZZAble

When was the last time did you hear about a event where you eat pizza’s for free and be rewarded? Even if you did, was it in Mangalore? Definitely not I am sure. So what am I going to share now will definitely make you read the whole post twice to believe its really happening, in my very own native Mangalore, Karnataka, India.

The 3 Hungry Men (Mangalore’s Food Reviewing Body) along with City Center Mall and Pizza Hut India are all ready to celebrate EID with one of a kinda of competition called “Mission imPIZZAble” on August 9th, 2013 from 4pm to 7pm at the Mall premises.

NOTE: Its FREE with Age No Bar!
Rules: You have to be very HUNGRY
Mission: Prove that you are the hungriest and best Pizza eater

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How to make Chapati

Been a very long time I tried something new or shared something in the section of Food and recipes, and somehow I realised the common thing we do at home, maybe someone out there may not know how to do it, or maybe my way is easier, so I sat to write this post on ‘How to make Chapati’ the easier and best way.


Now there is Roti, Rumal Roti, Nan, Parota and so on, but Chapati is one Indian Bread eaten and most loved in all parts of India.
Let me straight away go into the making part, coz I write to the one’s who are very hungry 🙂

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Aloo Paratha

When you are really hungry, and got a little time before you die, and got some energy to do something good, then I have a good recipe for you, that I tried, which is easy, quick, and yummy.

Last Sunday, we were all hungry, and were tired of eating the same Maggi or Bread and Cheese everyday. So we planned to experiment something new, “Aloo Paratha”. Of course as usual I googled a little, read along different recipes, combined them as per our taste and wow, hot Aloo Paratha’s were ready to be hogged.

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India against CORRUPTION- Anna Hazare

Its on News, Mails are being forwarded to each other, Messages are getting re-forwarded again and again, Missed call to 02261550789, are being made. So is there a revolution happening in India.

From the Youth to the Elder, from the Child to the Old, all are with Anna Hazare, the name thats is being heard in recent times in every one’s discussion and gossip.

Who is Anna Hazare? What is it all about?

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Channa Masala

It was Holi Time, and I thought let me something special at home for my Holi Celebrating Guys.
But didnt know what to do, neither had any clue. Only thought came in mind was, Google-to-the-rescue.
Did some googling about Holi Day recipes, some mixture of all recipes and did our own, home made, fresh channa masala.

Some Tips to remember before you going to the recipes, you need Kabuli Channas, and they have to be soaked for 7-8hrs before cooking. I had planned for afternoon lunch, ended up doing it for dinner, coz of this
Second you need to have channa masala powder with you, so it solves all the chaotic and confusing problems.

So lets get the fire started,

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Egg Chilly

Eating Eggs every other day here, I have started doing my own dishes, with my own innovations and taste that has created a new revolution in cooking.

I know I know you guys are just waiting to eat from my hands, but since its not possible for now, you can just try my own crazy recipes so that you can have Kelvin’s Dishes at you home 🙂

This time I made Egg Chilly, coz we had the Indian Kerala Bread (Kerala Parota) at home.

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What am I doing this Lenten Season?

Few Days back one of my friend just saw me eating fish, and he was shocked to see me eating it. Though he didnt tell me anything at that time, his facial expression revealed a lot to me. Sometime later, when I inquired about it to him, he told me, one of his friend who is a Christian, doesnt eat meat or fish during the whole lenten season, but you do, so I was just shocked about it.This struck my mind. Was this lenten season all about? Not eating meat or fish for 40 days is whats called Lenten season.

Dont the ladies and gents who want to maintain their zero figures or well built figures, do the same, longer than 40 days. So are they also celebrating lenten season.

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Dal Fry

Let me share with you yet another easy and fast to make recipe like by all Indians every where. No hassles, no too much of chopping and cutting, or washing vessels.

Its called just as the title, Dal Fry or some places its called Dal Tadka. Anways what I give importance is on Eating and not on the name 🙂