Twitter!! Twitter!! Twitter!!

My dear friends who have been hearing all about Twitter, but have no clue about what it is all about, let me try to explain to you in simple words, of whats this Twitter.

Let me get straight to the point, without any unwanted, mind-boggling introduction

Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting, as told by Twitter it self.

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How to Add Social Bookmark/Sharing Widget to your Blog

As the title says, every blog, website or posts needs a way, where users if they like your post to share it their friends! Now you cant expect every visitor to copy the URL of your blog and go to his/her own profile to post it. So we have a simple yet good looking widget that will solve all your problems!

How is the outcome?

So want the similar widget to your blog/website in just few steps?

Here it is,
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How to Remove or Hide Blogger Navigation Bar

All bloggers might have noticed one small top menu type bar, called the Navigation bar, which allows users who come to your blog, move to next similar to your blog, and which most of the bloggers dont want that to happen.

So here are some simple tips of how to remove this bar or just hide it.
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Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

Its always hard to debug and test webpages in IE compared to other browsers, and comparatively, IE is the one big pain in the ass browser for all developers since, thats the one which has all the possible restrictions and special methods of displaying a simple web page, and thus making your webpage more attractive and user friendly a mere to impossible task, and to add salt to the wound, majority of the users in the world still are sticking on to ie6 or ie7, the so called ‘Dead Browsers’ by the web developers team.
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What am I doing this Lenten Season?

Few Days back one of my friend just saw me eating fish, and he was shocked to see me eating it. Though he didnt tell me anything at that time, his facial expression revealed a lot to me. Sometime later, when I inquired about it to him, he told me, one of his friend who is a Christian, doesnt eat meat or fish during the whole lenten season, but you do, so I was just shocked about it.This struck my mind. Was this lenten season all about? Not eating meat or fish for 40 days is whats called Lenten season.

Dont the ladies and gents who want to maintain their zero figures or well built figures, do the same, longer than 40 days. So are they also celebrating lenten season.
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Firebug-fight the css, html errors

Having problem with CSS issues?
Dont know which css, or class is causing what?
Is it the position, or the width, or the padding that puts my website in a chaos?

Recently even I was going through the same, when one of my colleague suggested a Firefox Add-on, Firebug.
Never heard of it? No problem, let me just brief you, and then you use it yourself 🙂

Firebug, helps to track css, html, and DOM views. It helps you view which html is currently loaded on the screen, which css sheets are loaded, and son on. Of course I know that as a developer you know whats getting loaded when, but wait I am getting to it.
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Egg Cuisine

I know a lot of ordinary egg dishes to make, but I wanted to try something new, and different. So again as usual did some research of my own on google, mixed matched some recipe’s, did some manipulation of my own, and voila, a yummy egg curry was made. If you dont believe me, you can ask my room mates who are still licking their fingers.

Just for your notice, this dish will taste a little bit sweet, but then you have our own rights to manipulate it and make it spicy, or sour or as ur taste buds, make you do it.

So here’s how the preparation for the dish goes. You would need
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