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#MustWatch Videos Monday: Episode 6

What will you do if your instruments are taken away from you? Will your music still be cool?
What if your stage is taken away from you, will you be still able to dance in a cool way?
If you canvas is taken away from you, will your art still remain cool?
The following people say yes, check out the video’s of some of the top charts in the list.

Sprite Till I Die

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#TGIF Movie Friday: A Christmas Without Snow

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Christmas Music

Its Christmas time, gear up to listen to some Carols coming your way for today 🙂

Silent Night by Celtic Woman

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Music – Makes you & Breaks you!

What happens when we listen to Romantic Music?
We end up in a romantic mood
What happens when we listen to Dance Numbers?
We start tapping our feet, clapping our hands, and slowly moving our bodies to its groove
What happens when we hear Sad, Emotional Track?
We end up being a part of the Singer’s sorrow
A happy jumpy number
Makes us happy
The Crashing of the Rock Metal
Ends us up in Head Banging

So what will happen if we listen to Anti-Christ Music?

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An ordinary boy, who dreams to become big, loves music, does his best to gain audience, but falls to deaf ears, a twist in the life, and he becomes famous, only to hate being famous!

Here’s a story about, Janardhan Jakhar a.k.a JJ a.k.a. Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor), a ordinary Haryanvi Boy from Delhi, who loves to play Guitar, and considers Jim Morisson as his idol, wants to be famous, a ‘Rockstar’, but simple life, normal day-to-day happenings, and usual crowd, just dont let that happen!

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Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge

Every Tom, Dick and Harry is found on Facebook today. Be it a far of neighbor, or the person sitting next to you on the bus, ends up being in your friend list. Meet someone in the crowd, and the next thing you see the next day you login Facebook is you have a new Poke! If that stops there, it was acceptable, but starting blind “Broadband” relationships, not very likely acceptable.

We have Nupur Asthana with the new movie Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge, which reached out to many youngsters giving them a thought to think about, along with a hip-hop music to shake yourselves and also to beware.

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Ra One

Have you heard of Random Access Version 1.0 waging a war against the Good One? If not that maybe, game characters coming alive into real world, to finish the fight you left in the game? If not then dont worry, you have just not watched Ra One, the Indian sci-fi super hero film of 2011 is all set to take you into the world of imagination, gaming sandwiched with real-life scenarios, keeping your jaws dropped with all the actions and animations!

Ra One, movie by Anubhav Sinha, produced by Gauri Khan, is a movie on how a Tamilian Game Developer, develops a game as per the request of his son, where the villain is stronger than the hero and never gets killed, who wants to be a bad dude. The game turns out to continue programing and developing on itself, that it starts using different technology to come into real world, just to finish the game, the Game developer’s son had started. But not to worry, we have the savior Super Hero G-one (also in Hindi Jeevan means Life) the good one who comes to save the boy and the family from Ra One, (in Hindi as Raavan meaning the monster from Ramayana).

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Les Paul’s 96th Birthday Guitar- Google Doodle

Most of you surely remember in the month of June, the home page of Google search engine welcome every visitor with a guitar, you could strum, play a tune and also record the tune and play it later. I had so many of my friends who were so fascinate with it that they couldn’t stop themselves from playing it, and since it was for only one day some didn’t even sleep that night.