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Egg Dum Biryani

It had been some time we had made anything special at our place, and it called for some googling around, and to my luck, I got an easy, yummy recipe from Ruchik Randhap – by Shireen Sequiera.
Reading the recipe and knowing that I had all things ready with me, I kept my laptop on near the kitchen and started with this not so tough recipe and the outcome, just kept my room mates licking their fingers.

Though I was not able to click any images coz I was pretty much hungry, here’s a glance for you.

Egg Biryani – Ruchik Randhap
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How to make Chapati

Been a very long time I tried something new or shared something in the section of Food and recipes, and somehow I realised the common thing we do at home, maybe someone out there may not know how to do it, or maybe my way is easier, so I sat to write this post on ‘How to make Chapati’ the easier and best way.


Now there is Roti, Rumal Roti, Nan, Parota and so on, but Chapati is one Indian Bread eaten and most loved in all parts of India.
Let me straight away go into the making part, coz I write to the one’s who are very hungry 🙂

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Paneer Pulao

Yes! This weekend it was time for something new, that I had never tried before, and something tasty, and since most of my room mates were vegetarian I stuck to something veg, and yes it was Paneer Pulao.

I thought it would be tough at first, but then some research on google, just made me feel, its just another recipe I have not yet explored my taste buds on. So here how I made it, and you can try too.

All you need for this is,

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Aloo Paratha

When you are really hungry, and got a little time before you die, and got some energy to do something good, then I have a good recipe for you, that I tried, which is easy, quick, and yummy.

Last Sunday, we were all hungry, and were tired of eating the same Maggi or Bread and Cheese everyday. So we planned to experiment something new, “Aloo Paratha”. Of course as usual I googled a little, read along different recipes, combined them as per our taste and wow, hot Aloo Paratha’s were ready to be hogged.

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Channa Masala

It was Holi Time, and I thought let me something special at home for my Holi Celebrating Guys.
But didnt know what to do, neither had any clue. Only thought came in mind was, Google-to-the-rescue.
Did some googling about Holi Day recipes, some mixture of all recipes and did our own, home made, fresh channa masala.

Some Tips to remember before you going to the recipes, you need Kabuli Channas, and they have to be soaked for 7-8hrs before cooking. I had planned for afternoon lunch, ended up doing it for dinner, coz of this
Second you need to have channa masala powder with you, so it solves all the chaotic and confusing problems.

So lets get the fire started,

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Egg Chilly

Eating Eggs every other day here, I have started doing my own dishes, with my own innovations and taste that has created a new revolution in cooking.

I know I know you guys are just waiting to eat from my hands, but since its not possible for now, you can just try my own crazy recipes so that you can have Kelvin’s Dishes at you home 🙂

This time I made Egg Chilly, coz we had the Indian Kerala Bread (Kerala Parota) at home.

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Dal Fry

Let me share with you yet another easy and fast to make recipe like by all Indians every where. No hassles, no too much of chopping and cutting, or washing vessels.

Its called just as the title, Dal Fry or some places its called Dal Tadka. Anways what I give importance is on Eating and not on the name 🙂

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One-In-All Indian Vegetable Gravy Recepie

All bachelors and people who hardly know cooking like me, would be happy to note down this simple recipe for all vegetables you know.

I know how hard it is, to keep in mind recipes to make one small dinner or lunch, and how many times we have to see that book, just to get it right, and to our good fortune, most of the times its either to salty, too spicy, or burnt or the best not eatable at all.

So a magic recipe for all, you don’t have to remember much, and it works with most of the vegetables, tried it, tasted it, ate it, and got approved by my sweet room mates.

This recipe is not just my discovery but another room mate also takes part with it along with me.

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Egg Cuisine

I know a lot of ordinary egg dishes to make, but I wanted to try something new, and different. So again as usual did some research of my own on google, mixed matched some recipe’s, did some manipulation of my own, and voila, a yummy egg curry was made. If you dont believe me, you can ask my room mates who are still licking their fingers.

Just for your notice, this dish will taste a little bit sweet, but then you have our own rights to manipulate it and make it spicy, or sour or as ur taste buds, make you do it.

So here’s how the preparation for the dish goes. You would need